5 Best SwiftKey Alternatives Keyboard for Android and iOS

Just recently, SwiftKey was bought by Microsoft from its original developer for a whopping price of $250 million. The main usage of SwiftKey is a third party keyboard that is exclusively for iOS and Android users. But since Microsoft has already owned it, Windows phone users will surely take full advantage from it. Though the original developer of SwiftKey announced that Android and iOS users need not to worry since they can continually use it, it is still best to be secure in advance. This can be possible by knowing some alternatives of this thing. In this regard, here are the top 5 SwiftKey alternatives for Android and iOS users:


1. TouchPal


A number of amazing features available in SwiftKey can also be taken advantaged with TouchPal. This is the main reason why it is considered to be an excellent SwiftKey alternative. Just like SwiftKey, it can support over 70 languages, and these include national and regional ones. Bilingual typing is made possible with TouchPal, and it is all thanks to the keyboard app’s “mixed language input” feature. There are also over 800 emojis that can be used from it. For keyboard layouts, you can choose between QWERTZ, AZERTY, or QWERTY. Some other amazing features that TouchPal can offer are contextual predictions, powerful error correction, swipe or gesture typing, and keyboard customization.


2. Swype


Unlike TouchPal, Swype only has very few SwiftKey-like features. Even so, this does not make it a less of a third party keyboard. In fact, this is the popular choice of those people out there who are into speedier gesture typing. The features that you will surely love about Swype keyboard app are bilingual support, autocorrect, word predictions, 80+ languages, and breathtaking themes. The developer of this keyboard app also made sure that its users will have a great hands-free experience especially in selecting, searching, pasting, cutting, and copying tasks. Not only that, there are also some more features Swype can offer, and these are constantly updated slangs, personal dictionary backup and restore, and keyboard customization. If you are still doubtful about Swype, then you can take advantage of its free 30-day trial. Any usage of the said keyboard after the 30th day of trial will charge you $0.99 since it is the exact price of its full version.


3. Fleksy


This is another excellent SwiftKey alternative that is used by a lot of people these days. Its excellence as keyboard app can actually be confirmed by Guinness since it is in the number one spot of the Guinness record as the fastest mobile keyboard available. Unlike other keyboard apps however, Fleksy does not have its gesture/swipe typing feature. Despite this, Fleksy users can still enjoy a great tap typing experience, along with some other amazing features such as autocorrection and emojis. Though it does not support a lot of languages, it is still the best one to use since it is the only keyboard app available that supports GIFs. Various useful extensions also made it the best. There are even a number of keyboard layouts supported by it, and these include Colemak, QWERTZ, AZERTY, QWERTY, and Dvorak.


4. FancyKey

The same with SwiftKey, FancyKey also has its autocorrection and word prediction features. Even so, this is not as powerful as the former. One thing that you will surely love about this keyboard app is its keyboard customization feature. In this, you can have a total customization in order to make your keyboard extremely appealing to the eyes. You can make it very colorful if you want to. When it comes to keyboard layouts, you can choose between QWERTZ, QWERTY, and AZERTY. Moreover, you can take advantage of the other amazing features of FancyKey such as emoji & emoticons, gesture/swipe typing, and the 30+ languages it supports. But if you are looking for a keyboard app that supports bilingual typing, then FancyKey is not the one you need. With this app, you can have the chance to customize every single aspect in your keyboard such as the themes, font, typing effect, sound, shadow, background, color, and keyshape.


5. Adaptxt


For excellent predictions, SwiftKey allows social integration. However, this is not the case with Adaptxt. It has its own way when it comes to word and phrase predictions. Through this keyboard app, you can take advantage of contextual suggestions, location-based suggestions, and phrase suggestions. When it comes to languages, SwiftKey is nothing with Adaptxt since it can support 121 languages. You will also love the 600+ emojis from this keyboard app. For keyboard layouts, it can support Greek, Cyrillic, AZERTY, QWERTZ, and QWERTY. Some other amazing features you can expect from this app are multilingual typing, swipe typing, breathtaking themes, and unique keyboard customization.


These are the top 5 SwiftKey alternatives for Android and iOS that you can consider using. You will never regret going for these keyboard applications.


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