Top 10 Best Voice Controlled Gadgets Worth Buying

During the early developmental years of electronic technology, everyone focused more on the gadgets we would need for real – refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, telephones; something that enhances human lives and make it way better. These days, technology has reached an extreme extent where scientists can make almost everything. Electronics that were once unimaginable are very much possible and real these days, and the best part of this advancement is – anyone with the money can buy these gadgets for personal or family use. Voice control is certainly one of the best innovations that this 21st century has come up with, and this article reviews 10 best gadgets that work on the voice control principle.


  1. Skully Smart Helmet

A helmet while riding a motorcycle is no fashion statement, it’s an essential tool for safety. Typical helmets may not be pleasant to wear at times, especially on hot humid summer days and not to mention the blocked visibility in most conditions. Skully Smart Helmet eliminates most parts of these inconveniences by offering a 180 degree rearview camera, GPS navigation and Bluetooth control – all these features work on voice command. Riders will be totally safe wearing Skully Smart Helmet. Price – $1499.


  1. Homey

Present days, each household has more than one smart devices in every member’s possession. The possible list of smart devices in a household could be smartphones, tablets, music players, gaming consoles, smart televisions and smart home appliances. Having a common platform for data transfer between all these would eliminate needs for carrying cords to transfer data between one another. Homey makes it possible, and it works on voice command. Price – 299 euros.


  1. Sony Smartwatch 3

In the crowd of smartwatches and fitness tracking wearables these days, the Sony Smartwatch 3 is falling backdated very recently. However, for an inexpensive smartwatch with many recent features, the Sony Smartwatch 3 cuts it pretty well. This smartwatch works on voice command unlike many other counterparts in the market and it syncs with most Android smartphones pretty well. Price – $249.


  1. Ivee

Ivee doesn’t look any different than a tablet top digital watch – but it’s much more than that. This clock like device can tune a radio channel for its owner, adjust the thermostat according to the needs, grabs latest information off the internet whenever necessary and also work as a clock, set alarm, snooze like any other alarm clock etc. And of course, the bridge between the device and the user is the user’s voice. Price – $199.


  1. Moto Hint

Moto Hint is basically an electronic ear that listens to your commands and implements the actions on a smartphone. Smartphones are indeed equipped with voice commands these days, but what if the handset is in a bag, away from you where the voice wouldn’t probably reach its microphone? Moto Hint could still connect to the phone from a distance, and user can control their smartphone using Moto Hint. Price – $149.99.


  1. Dragon Drive

Busy business magnets and entrepreneurs would find Dragon Drive very useful. Dragon Drive isn’t a dedicated device, but it’s a dictation utility for BMW cars. Before having Dragon Drive users have to own a BMW high end vehicle of course, and later on they can reply to all the emails using voice. Communication and collaboration with team is just a voice command away, and it’s safe. Price – $199.


  1. LG Roboking Vacuum Cleaner

LG invented a voice controlled vacuum cleaner to keep the user off all dirt and hassle. Spending one’s precious time for sweeping and mopping the floor won’t anymore be required, as the LG vacuum cleaner is ready to take voice commands and collect all the dirt. This vacuum cleaner does a pretty good job finding out stains in a room and cleaning them off. Price – $735.


  1. Vocca Light

Leaving the light on while reading a book to sleep and leaving it on all night because you don’t have the guts to get up with sleepy eyes – how annoying is that? Very much, and that’s when the Vocca Light comes very much useful. No more getting up to turn off a light only, just yell out a voice command to turn the light off and fall asleep peacefully. Price – $39.70.


  1. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo could be the best personal assistant or to-do keeper, or maybe just an alarm clock. User could use Amazon Echo to set an alarm, find a quick information from the internet and also seek help for daily chores. The mic could listen to a distant voice. Price – $199.


  1. Listnr

Listnr is a voice controlled home automation gadget. Not just voice commands but Listnr is also responsive to audible gestures like claps, music, knocks etc. All household appliances could be connected to its interface for achieving a better voice control on your household electronics. Price – $139.



Voice control makes life easier by setting the users free from having to get near a gadget or physically touching. Voice control might take little practice to begin, but the outcome is very useful.


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