Top 10 Best VoIP Apps To Make Free Call

VoIP actually stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a method of multimedia and voice communication through an IP such as the internet. During the advent of the internet, VoIP services were still offered with corresponding fees. But today, there are already many companies that offer free-of-charge VoIP services. It is through the apps they developed. In connection to this, here are 10 best VoIP apps that you should know.

Skype – This is a very popular VoIP app available in the list of VoIP services offered by numerous companies. Skype is developed by Microsoft, and it can be downloaded in almost all devices. This is why many people are taking advantage of this app. Making group calls, video calls, and audio calls as well as sending media files, documents, and instant messages are made possible through it.

Viber – This is another best VoIP app that is helpful enough in making calls without paying for any amount. However, the calls are only limited to those other Viber users. Your mobile number is needed here. This app allows you to take photos and videos, and then send them to your Viber contact list.

Hangouts Dialer – If you already have Hangouts app account, it will be easy for you to incorporate Hangouts Dialer. Through this app, you can make a call to other Hangouts users and to any mobile and landline numbers as well. However, there’s a corresponding fee for mobile and landline calls.

Vonage – Vonage is always compared to Skype because of their close resemblance in terms of features. All the messaging and calling features of this app are free-of-charge. However, this is not the case for international calls. You need to pay for some fees but only minimal. The best thing about it is that you can make a call to 200 countries.

KakaoTalk – This is an excellent VoIP app developed by a Chinese company. Just like WhatsApp and Viber, registering your mobile number is also needed here. You can make a call and send messages for free, but only to other KakaoTalk users. It has chat rooms where you can join and chat with unknown individuals.

Tango – Social media and VoIP features are joined together in this app, the same with KakaoTalk. After verifying your phone number, you can already use it. Sharing latest news, updating status, and sharing photos or videos are some of the social media activities that you can also do in Tango.

Line – This is another VoIP app that also integrates social media activities. “Keep” is the newest feature added by the developer of Line. Such feature functions like a cloud storage. Today, there are more than 600 million of people who are using this excellent app.

Facebook Messenger – Through this VoIP app, making video and audio calls is possible. You can also chat with friends who have this app on their device. To keep you updated in your Facebook page, you can just simply integrate it.

WhatsApp – More than 800 million people and still counting are using WhatsApp these days. It is after Facebook bought this VoIP app from its original developer. It is considered to be the number one competitor of Viber. But in terms of video quality, WhatsApp has a better one. However, it’s only suitable for WhatsApp to WhatsApp calls.

FaceTime – This is another excellent VoIP app used by many people. However, its service is only limited to those Mac and iOS users. There is no need to set it up since it is pre-installed on the said devices. To make a call, you just need to tap the FaceTime button.

These are the 10 best VoIP apps you should know. Have them on your device, and see how useful they are.


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