Top 10 Best VPN Apps for Android

Internet is a wonderland for sure, but there are traps in there as well. Not every site, every place you go to is not safe, there may be intruders or stalkers tracking every movement you make on internet. However, every advanced user should know how to evade the traps and there comes these VPN apps. Virtual Private Network is what it called; as the name says it’s like building a private network of your own but that too, virtually. No physical server purchase is required, you only need to download an app and subscribe to their service. We have sorted out 10 VPN apps for Android; both paid and free.

F-Secure Freedome

For easier internet access and hassle free VPN operations, many users choose F-Secure Freedome VPN even though it’s not free. The $2.99 you pay while buying the app from Play Store is totally worth it. Being a paid app, you get online privacy, anonymity, no bandwidth cap, and added security for WiFi, Geo-block remover and being untraceable above all is the facility anyone would love to have.

Download here.


Hideninja VPN

This VPN app is packed with necessary features, not just few fancy ones you would never use. The VPN app comes in both free and paid form. If you choose to download from Google Play Store for free then you shall have limited number of features and pop-up ad at times. Removing the ads would cost $2.99 and for Pro features, it’s $19.99 per year. Unless you transfer highly confidential data, the pro version may not be necessary.

Download here.



If we are to have a good argument on the best VPN app, there would be a lot of votes casted for SuperVPN right now. The app comes full free, yet it offers a whole lot of premium services. They are – blocking third party intrusion, getting through ISP-blocked services, internet traffic encryption, personal security etc. There’s no payment, login or registration; however there may be pop-up ads.

Download here.



VPN Master

For flawless VPN connectivity, VPN Master is the app to download. There won’t be frequent disconnections. The number of features is reasonable and they are usual. This app is based on OpenVPN, hence you get to expect the common features in VPN Master. Apart from P2P downloads we have seen every feature working in VPN Master. The app costs $2.97.

Download here.


Fast Secure VPN

The user interface looks oddly outdated, but don’t let the face fool you. The app is fully functional inside, and the features are upgraded with time. There are plenty of servers all across the world and you won’t have to wait for long in queue to get connected. Features like online privacy, security and unblocking blocked service is available on this app. There are in-app purchases in this app.

Download here.


Flash VPN

Flash VPN gets things done very fast and at ease, the name says a lot. Flash VPN is based on the basic features instead of a lot fancy features. Everything you get is totally worth them, because the app is completely free. The servers are mainly based on England, Japan and US. People living in and close to these areas will get better response from this app.

Download here.


Surfeasy VPN

If outlooks matter, then Surfeasy VPN should be able to please you. This app sports a pleasing UI and works pretty well at the same time. You get features like secured Wi-Fi hotspot, IP address masking, unblocking services, traffic encryption etc.

The app costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

Download here.


Hotspot Shield VPN

Desktop users can recall their favorite VPN service from Windows based computers – it’s now available for Android as well. All the basic features are offered in a remarkably good user interface. Hotspot Shield determined your network security strength and can automatically enable depending on whether it’s needed or not. We liked the secure Wi-Fi capability on this software.

Download here.



The name’s not much popular, but the app is very much functional. Connection establishment didn’t take much longer, IP address masking and ISP throttling is available as standard features. Also, if you want to browse as anonymous that’s possible as well.

Download here.



The app’s UI is very cute, and sort of adorable we must admire. Don’t let the cuteness fool you because it’s as functional as cute when it comes to the security strength, anonymous browsing, IP address masking and connection encryption etc.

The app is free up to 500 MB bandwidth, after that each month costs $0.99 per item.

Download here.



Securing an Android connection is easy through these apps. We liked the simplistic approach in all these apps, even the newbies will get used to VPN functionality within a short time.


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