Top 10 Best VPN Apps For iPhone

Virtual Private Network, or VPNs act like a tunnel through an existing internet infrastructure and provides a secure communication channel between two end points. Such a tunnel could secure an existing internet communication channel, could provide access to blocked websites by a local authority, and provides increased security strength in public Wi-Fi networks and a lot more relevant stuff. VPN apps have now made a way to the smartphone platforms, which certainly includes iOS. There’s a lot of titles in the App Store, and we have sorted out the top 10 VPN apps for an iPhone.

Speaking of the best VPN apps for iOS, TunnerBear would make it to the top section on any list. The iOS App for TunnelBear allows a user to remotely connect to a VPN from anywhere in the world. Upon launching of the app by the user on their iPhone, TunnerBear would look for the closest VPN facility and channel the user’s traffic through that tunnel. However, TunnelBear isn’t an entirely free app – only 500 MB data tunneling is offered, or 1GB if a Twitter promotion is made. One could purchase extra data through the in-app purchase options.

HotSpot Shield
HotSpot Shield has been around for quite a long time. The app rating for HotSpot Shield in the iOS store is quite high. Registration is required for users to use HotSpot Shield, which takes user’s email address, name and some additional data. The default HotSpot Shield servers are all located in the United States and to select a server of user’s preference, they will have to purchase the full version named HotSpot Shield Elite.

SurfEasy VPN
VPN by Surfeasy is the accurate name for this app. Unlike a lot of free VPN apps in the app store, VPN by SurfEasy will connect to a nearby VPN server and not to a default location which could be located very far away from the user’s actual location. Also, the user can choose their preferred server location to ease out the internet browsing. Monthly allowance on the free version of VPN by SurfEasy is only 250 MB, additional data available through the paid app.

VPN in Touch
VPN in Touch will require a user to register just after it’s launched on an iPhone for the first time. Unlike a lot other similar apps, there’s no skipping the registration part. Once that’s done, user gets to choose their preferred server location. First 6 days are premium subscription period where almost all options are available to the user, and afterwards only a few free features would be offered to the users.

The free version of Betternet only picks the server(s) from 8 specified US cities, no matter where you are located. Thus, people located far away from the United States may not find the Betternet much useful, but this is indeed an excellent VPN app. The premium users can access any VPN server in the world they want and even the bandwidth allocation is higher for a better surfing speed.

VPN Master Free
VPN Master Free is quite well known for having a faster interface and effective functionality. Only seven specified locations are defined as free servers in the VPN Master Free app, however a user can afford the luxury of choosing their own server location for only $2.99/month. In the free version though, VPN Master always connects you to the fastest server out of 7 predefined locations.

VPN Proxy
Users who pick VPN Proxy as their VPN provider, mostly choose this app to skip geological restriction implied on many websites, e.g. Netflix isn’t accessible on countries where the service is not provided. The P2P interface on VPN Proxy iOS app is quite well laid out, anyone can figure out the features and options after opening the app for the first time. Upon first launch, user would be asked to select their preferred VPN server location.

Opera VPN
Like the Opera Browser, the Opera VPN has also proved to be an effective VPN service provider. The best part about Opera VPN is – there’s no cost, it’s completely free on all both iOS and Android. Although the number of available server locations are way to less than the paid options, but if you find a server close-by Opera VPN will serve you well.

Free VPN
The name is very generic, but at least the app gets its job done well. No registration is required prior to using the service. The app connects to a default server location and users aren’t allowed to change that in the free version. There would be a lot of pop-up ads, though.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited
Registration is mandatory for using the KeepSolid VPN service. User can either create a new ID, or use their existing social network accounts to sign up for KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. In-app purchase offers the premium membership with higher number of facilities, however the regular app is free with limited functionalities.

Consider using one of these 10 VPN apps if you are on iOS platform.


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