Top 10 Best Waterproof iPhone 6s Plus Cases

Being the largest selling brand regarding the phones, Apple is the also the most stylish and sleek smart phones brand that is made up of the unique technology. In spite of the various distinct features, the iPhone 6s Plus has not yet featured the protection against water in their new iPhone 6s plus technology. So it can fell from your hand at any time in the water, thus wasting all your money and your data. So in such situations, it is becoming important to protect your new and expensive phones from the water and protect them from water resistant cases.
So it is better to go for the waterproof iPhone 6s Plus Cases that are stylish yet protective at the same time. Here is the list of top 10 waterproof iPhone 6s Plus cases that can save your money from being dunked.

10. Iselector:

Iselector not only preserves your hone from the water, but it also saves your phone from all the damages like dirt, mud, snow, ice etc. The case is co- founded by the group of young geeks who wants to save your iPhone 6s plus from damage. It comes with the complete accessory case like arm strap, neck lanyard, spring hook and bike handlebar holder. The ultra- thin iPhone protector protects your screen from water and everything which is compatible with the 3D touch, front and back lenses. It is light and stylish and also comes in the different color scheme to allow you to play with colors in just the price of $49.99.
9. INextStation:

the multi- purpose iPhone case, iNextStation may be the best option for your iPhone 6s Plus as it can offer protection from all the damages including sand, water, snow etc. it covers all your phone with its protective layer thus making your phone safe and new. It can resist water up to 12 hours. Its mold is precise for all the functions of your iPhone like camera, music, torch so you can use it all the day long. It is also available in different colors and in the price of $29.99 only.
8. Ghostek Atomic:

the waterproof casing from the Ghostek Atomic may serves the best function that you needs. Your iPhone covered on this waterproof casing can endure all the roughness in all the tough environments. The Ghostek Atomic offers the superior technology with the clever design that protects your phone from shock, water, dust etc. it is also equipped with the HD screen protector that also protects your screen and offers a lifetime warranty with the sleek and transparent body. It is available in the market for just $89.95.
7. Merit:

with the access to all ports and all parts, the Merit waterproof cases for the iPhone 6s Plus is ideal for your iPhone. Its perfect cutouts provides you the access to all functions like volume, charging, home button etc. and it is a completely sealed water resistant case that has the ability to withstand water up to 6.6 meters. Its front cover provides the protection to the screen of the phone with the features of full transparency and touch sensitivity. It also comes with the price tag of $89.99 with the life time warranty of wear and tear.
6. VWTECH Touch ID Waterproof Case:

the triple thin layer protective case enables your iPhone the protection against water and shock. The best advantage of this case is that it is light in weight and provides all the protection against damage. It can withstand water fall up to 2 meters and also shields dirt and dust to get in your precious phone. The case also features all the vents of microphone and speakers water resistant to ensure full protection against water. It also provides the ultra- flat screen that allows the full functionality of 3 D touch. It is available in the effective price of $18.98.
5. Engadget Zone:

the waterproof case from the Engadget Zone ensures no leakage of water with the high quality of military grade functions. It is one of the best case that offers water resistant up to 2m for the time of one hour. It is specifically designed to resist water, shocks, dirt and snow. Despite of being fully sealed, the case offers the full access to volume and other keys with the ultra- flat screen that do not interfere with the touch options of iPhone. It is also very reliable and is available in the price of $30.99.
4. Acewin:

the waterproof, snow proof and dustproof casing for iPhone 6s Plus could be a best choice for your phone as it does offer multi- purpose screen protection from all the shocks and damages. The case is only 9.4 mm and is very light in weight. It also allows you to access all the functions of your phone in just 79.99 dollars.
3. Armour Shell:

standing on the third rank, Armour Shell provides the ultimate resistance from the water to your iPhone 6s plus. It offers great technology with the clarity and touch sensitivity at the same time. It is highly durable and water resistant and comes in the economical price of $99.99.
2. Easylife:

the totally sealed iPhone cases that provides definitive protection to your iPhone in just $40.99. it can resist water up to 6.6ft with the additional features of shock and dust resistance. It is also available in the awesome color scheme.
1. Kuteck:

specifically made to protect your iPhone is the waterproof case from Kuteck that provides water resistance with its fully sealed casing body. Besides this, it is also a shockproof, dustproof and snow proof iPhone case you can use on the daily basis. This extremely durable design comes with the excellent features in just $29.99


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