Top 15 Best Websites to Download Free eBooks

Even though nothing can really replace the way paper books feel; yet at times eBooks are the only option to avail. They could be academic textbooks, or some very old novel that doesn’t exist in printed form anymore; or even if it does the pricing is way beyond the affordable range. In any such cases, eBooks are the only resort left. Now remains the question – where to download quality eBooks from? There are plenty of spots on the internet and we have picked 15 for you. However, these are legal websites and might require payment for the eBook downloads.


  1. FreeBookSpot

Speaking of enriched collection, FreeBookSpot has gotten it all. This website might not look much fancy with all flashy colors or a very much interactive website, but their database contains nearly 4,485 free eBooks occupying 71.97 GB. That being said, this website is specialized on free eBooks thus some paid collections might not be available.


  1. Free-eBooks

Yet another source for free books in pdf or epub format. Plenty of free eBooks are uploaded on this server and if you are looking for a free release of any book, this should be available on


  1. 4eBooks

4eBooks specializes on academic eBook releases, especially the ones that are released for free distribution. This website should be very helpful for engineering graduates as there are plenty of handbooks on computer engineering; other majors should benefit as well.


  1. ManyBooks

ManyBooks has a collection of eBooks of diverse category, and also optimized for different sort of portable devices like smaller screen smartphones, large screen tablets, phablets or eBook readers like kindle and also computer screens. The number of eBooks are 21,282; mostly free!


  1. GetFreeEBooks

GetFreeEbooks feature free eBooks in various categories. These are all legal free-distribution copies and the download server is reasonably fast. Graphical interface of the website is pretty neat, with all necessary buttons arranged in spot and an effective search option.


  1. FreeComputerBooks

Yet another helpful eBook hub for the computer science people; also other science major eBooks are available on this platform like mathematics, diploma on technical stuff etc. Even lecture notes, tutorials etc. from different schools would be found on this FreeComputerBooks.



  1. Scribd

Scribd is basically an online sharing platform for some specific formats – Excel, Word, PDF and PowerPoint presentation slides. Since PDF is an option, hence Scribd has formed as an eBook sharing platform for a long time now. The files you find here are mostly uploaded by some other user, but it helps.


  1. Globusz

Globusz publishes free eBooks online. They aren’t just a server-like website, rather there are ratings with each and every eBooks so that the visitors can have a brief idea on the book even without downloading it. Also, Globusz is a growing platform for new authors.



  1. MemoWare

MemoWare holds thousands of documents in various formats in their website. The types are databases, literature, technical references, official lists, maps etc. They are organized in order of optimization e.g. – Pocket PC, Windows Phone OS, EPOC, CE, PalmOS etc.


  1. OnlineFreeEbooks

The eBooks hosted on OnlineFreeEbooks are mostly PDF formats, a visitor might not be able to find so many of ePub or other formats. There are 9 major categories to be very specific; and few of them are – Business, Engineering, Health & Medical Sciences, Hobbies, Programming and Technology, Automotive etc.


  1. KnowFree

KnowFree is a user-registration based knowledge sharing platform; where users can upload their PDF eBooks and also look for uploads by other users from across the world. However, the eBooks uploaded here are solely for educational purpose.


  1. OnlineComputerBooks

Not just about computer science majors, but also anyone who is enthusiast about learning in-depth stuff about computer and its science. Books from major authors and publishers are available in OnlineComputerBooks.


  1. SnipFiles

SnipFiles is basically a platform for reselling PDF eBooks trading PLR; it’s a great platform for eBooks at cheaper price.


  1. BookYards

Anyone with an internet connection can share their PDF eBooks with other users on internet in BookYards. It’s a great web portal for trading educational eBooks.


  1. eBookLobby

eBookLobby arranges books from different categories in a very systematic manner, so that people can easily find them. The categories are very diverse as well, they range from philosophy to neuroscience; just make the search properly.



Downloading eBooks are mostly free, but some website could incur purchase fees which depends on the publishers. Hopefully, you would be able to find your eBook from the websites mentioned above.


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