10 Best Wireless Headphones

The current world is a fast-paced one where everything seems to be on the rush and hectic. There are often instances when we feel the need to distress amidst of crowd and gatherings. It’s where headphones prove a real value.

Headphones have become an essentiality of our daily life. The sweet music debriefing from the buds seems to resonating to the ears. For long, headphones have always been associated with tangled wires and big-large designs. These old-age products featured only the basics of the facility.

However with time, new innovations stepped up to the plate. Today we can successfully lay our hands on a tangle-free wireless headphones. Add the different multipurpose features included in the headphones, and you’d be awestruck.

Let’s give you a glance on 10 such wireless headphones that’ll change the way we hear.


1. Lumafit

  • Lumafit is a wireless earphone designed to provide the best interactive fitness module. It acts as a personal trainer to mirror your workouts and gym sessions.
  • Here’s a few sneak peek to it. It consists of heart-rate monitor, session analyzer and more.
  • There’s no arguing that this can channel your inner workout desire into full-fledged regime.


2. The Dash

  • The Dash is one of the best available wireless earphones that offer multiple features. You can have your favorite music lined up through Bluetooth right away.
  • You can also use this one as a fitness trainer just as in the case of Lumafit.
  • It keeps track of your performance and vital body stats.
  • It features a lightweight ergonomic design with silicone sleeves to fit the ear cape properly.


3. Elbee

  • Elbee is one heck of a wireless earphone that not only fits the bill but also comes with power-packed features.
  • Elbee allows a user to perplex their head gestures to control the features on the smartphone like music and apps. If the head-gesture is not your thing, then you could also use voice command for the same.
  • This wireless headphone includes noise cancellation ability and can synchronize with any home-automated gadgets with ease.



4. Moto Hint

  • If you’re one of the voice-command fanatics of wireless headphone, then this is absolutely the right one for you.
  • Moto Hint features excellent audio caliber with great aesthetic looks. The comfort level is finest at its best.
  • It comes with great battery shell-life thanks to the enhanced battery shell. You can pair your smartphones with ease with this.



5. Dubs

  • Dubs features ground-breaking new innovative designs that proved best of the features to the user.
  • It has an exceptional noise reduction feature that tunes out the harmful tones and protects your ear from excessive exposure to loud and unfriendly sound environment.
  • Furthermore, as they come in four different color variants, you can choose the one as you deem-fit.
  • Just go and grab this one, if you want to get yourself free of noise pollution. You won’t find a better match than this one for sure.


6. Dot

  • As the name suggests, Dot wireless headphones are a squeaky little accessory. To state the facts, this one is the smallest wireless headset in the world.
  • However if you have any doubts over it due to its small size, just wash it away. This is one such action-packed latest product that offers the best of enhancement of audio levels.
  • It features plenty of functions which includes multiple connections at once and an everlasting battery capacity.



7. FreeWavz

  • FreeWavz is one of the best in-class wireless headphones for fitness tracking and workout training.
  • It features an in-built monitoring system that keeps track of heart rate, calorie components, workout regimes and oxygen levels.
  • It fits quite perfectly to the ears due to its user-friendly sleek design.
  • Here’s a fun fact for you, its dust, water and sweat resistant. So the next time before you head for workout, get your FreeWavz from the store.



8. Cosinuss One

  • If you’re an athlete at your hearts, then this will go rightly along on your journey. It is the best wireless headphone available for the sporting activities.
  • It features a lightweight design that feels comfortable to the ears. The in-built sensors provide functionality at its best.
  • It keeps track of your body vitals like heart rate, hydration levels, body temperature and more.
  • It also boasts of a battery life than can last up to ten hours of continuous use.



9. Here

  • Ever imagined about what if you could control what you hear, ever? Well then, you’re at the right place.
  • Here is the new-gen wireless headphone that functions to suppress unwanted noises that you want to avoid.
  • Just put in on and enjoy the immersing environment of its music performance with no sound interference from outside.

10. Scoop

  • Scoop uses an integrated system that connects the earpiece to the mobile. This allows the user to have a conversation at ease even in the noisiest of work environment.
  • It’s a must-have piece for people in need of constant communication with their counterpart around the world. You can augment your hearing and interference with ease through Scoop.


Headphones are clearly a need of time. However with constant evolution of technology, new arrivals pop up every now and then. That’s the reason, why these ergonomic wireless headphones are such revered.

We presented with 10 such wireless headphones that serve greater purpose than just the basics. Go grab your best-fit piece from the market then, will you?


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