Top 7 Best Women Self Defense Safety Apps

Today, there is an increase in crime against women. It’s not possible always to travel with and guard them. And it’s not too possible to sit at home because of insecurity or the unsaftey while tarvelling alone. “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence we should take preventions before a crime. Maintain in mind that where is the place that assures safety to women that place will achieve the most respectable position in the world. And then here are some of the women apps for self defense and security.


Life 360 is one of the best family locating service, using this device you can locate your beloved ones. This app is not only used for to find the family members, but also to discover the recent crimes, tack pin. Life 360 also provides a service to receive alarms when your family member reaches a destination, using this feature we can know that is our family member safe. The major advantages of this app is it allows the group chatter and its very battery efficient app. This app works by using gps,wifi or cellular network.


A circle of 6 is the most potent tool against insecurity and abuses. It can be practiced for any women of any age, but it is more useful to college girls. The main feature of this app is the women can build a circle of six most trusted people to alert them when they are in dangerous situations or in suffering. It is very easier and handy to use, if we give two taps to this app, then a message, will send automatically to your 6 friends that you are in peril. Not solely that it will send your current location so your friends can easily track you, and can rescue you without any danger.


If you find insecure or you lost somewhere and there is not able to get a transport, no demand to worry more. Here is the best app called Taxipixi. Using this app you can reserve a taxi through your smartphones. This taxi fare rates are cheaper as well. You can book this taxi and it will drop you safely at home.


If you install this app, then it will be really useful to you. This application sends the GPS to a nearby police station and they can help you in that life threatening position. This app is very uncomplicated to use and it’s a very powerful weapon against criminals. It can be manipulated easily and this app will surely help you in all danger situations.


Scream alarm is a real good tool for women if they face any hazardous situations. They cause to scream loudly on their smartphones because due to some circumstances women may can’t call or message their friends. If this goes wrong too, don’t worry, this app can generate a very high-volume scream in a women’s voice and it alerts you nearby people.


Bsafe is an app that assures you are not alone while walking through streets or depopulated area. Here you can create your network for friends and family members. If you press to SOS button, then your friends and family members will be notified that you are in peril. Certainly they can rescue you if you install this app. This app also features to block the fake claims.


SOS WHISTLE is an app that have mainly two features that are to whistle and wright function. This app has been downloaded by more than 50000+ users. The whistle feature in this app will cause an alert to nearby people and they can rescue you when any threatening circumstances come. And the wright function will aid to open the app. And then certainly this app will be a great lifesaver for you.

Then thinking for an app before a threat is better than after a threat.

“Think twice and be wise”.


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