Top 10 Bluetooth Device for Tracking Your Personal Belongings

Technology can do wonders – finding some misplaced personal belongings isn’t very big deal for the current pace of advancement in electronics. People often don’t remember where they have put their phone or wallet the last time, and it takes quite a lot of frightening and time to find that thing out. Personal belonging trackers could be attached to such personal belongings and later they could be triggered with alarm or some tracking technology for easier locating. These things usually work on Bluetooth channel and are pretty modern techs. Here’s a list of top 10 one may want to buy.


  1. PROTAG Elite

PROTAG Elite is very slim and slides into a wallet or pocket without any extra efforts. This tracker was initially designed for wallets but users may find alternative ways to use with some other belongings. A perimeter of specific area could be set by accessing the tag’s settings by Wi-Fi, and the user will be alerted if the host devices goes out of the specific range. Low-power Bluetooth tech is used for the tracking and it has a battery that lasts for like 18 months. Price – $59.99.


  1. BluTracker

BluTracker looks like a slightly wider USB flash drive and it attaches to almost anything with a fitting mechanism. Could be a backpack of your toddler, or a pet’s neck collar or maybe just a pair of shoes. Alert types and required distance may be set over the provided BluTracker app which is free, and the belongings are shown on Radar Screen. The battery lasts around 2 months. Price – $69.00.


  1. XY Find-It

The safe distance on XY Find-It has been preset as 150 feet, options for changing the distance wasn’t found. However, there could be physical signal interference between this device and the host device it is connected to, reducing the effective distance even more. However, the tracker works within this 150 feet range and once it’s exceeded, the attached belonging may be marked as lost and put up on the XY community as well. Price – $17 to $35.


  1. Find ‘Em Tracking

Basically, the Find ‘Em Tracking device had been designed for wallets. User can find their belonging as long as it is within the physical radio link range. When the user is reaching the edge the app on a smartphone alerts the user. The settings could be set via wireless radio channels, Bluetooth is available. The typical range is 150 feet. Price – $24.99.


  1. StickNFind

This belonging tracker is probably one of the tiniest tracker available in the market. It is a coin-sized tracker that fits in almost anything. There’s no specific attaching mechanism though, but none is required either. There are LED lights and tiny yet loud speakers which help with the tracking. Once the user triggers the ‘lost sticker’ feature via a smartphone, any StickNFind user around would get the notice and if they find your belongings, they could email to reach you. The battery lasts up to a year – best for frequent travelers. Price – $49.99.


  1. PebbleBee

A certain safe distance could be market between this tracking device and the host smartphone, and if the distance is exceeded then there will be an alert triggered on the smartphone. The tag is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth radio. There are sensors like temperature sensor and 9-axis motion tracker for geographical feedback on the sensor. It’s water resistant hence the PebbleBee could be put anywhere. Price – $16 to $40.


  1. Bringrr& Bring Tags

BringTags are made for purses and stylish bags – they blend along so well that nobody would be able to tell their purpose. These are colorful, fashionable and cute! This tag connects via Bluetooth radios and there’s an app for maintaining necessary settings. The package includes a car charger, whenever you start your car the app checks whether you have taken all your tagged belongings on the car. Price – $19 to $109.


  1. Tile

Almost similar to the previous device, the Tile tag is also a fashionable device attachable to cases and bags. There’s a GPS tracking feature titled Last Place Seen which sorts the places the tag has been to. It has an iOS app which allows Tile users to share their Tile with other trusted users. Price – $19.95.


  1. Lupo

Lupe is tiny, but it’s a more intelligent belonging tracker. There are features like locking a laptop and sounding alarm in case of an attempted thievery. The battery would last for a year at least, or more. Price – $33.25 to $173.17.


  1. Linquet

LInquet tags trigger an alarm on smartphone if the distance between the tag and the owner exceeds the safe limit. There are apps for both Android and iOS platform. Linquet would store the place history on a cloud storage which could be used later for convenience and safety cross check. LInquet offers monthly subscription, worth $2.99/month.



Belonging trackers could be highly practical during travels; or for forgetful people. For the mentioned price tags, it won’t be difficult to find a suitable one.


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