Best Apps to Compress Photo Size on Android Devices

Android Phones and devices like Tablet and other related gadgets helps us to showcase other with pride the pictures we have taken during our holidays or some special occasions. We don’t want to delete these all-time favorite photos in our devices. So, what is the best way to save space in the phone as well as these photos? The sure answer to the question is a range of apps available as the photo size reducer. There are series of apps available in order to reduce the size of the photos and helps to save time and space. We have combined the best available Apps for the cause available for Android Devices, these apps will surely help you to take easy steps in order to get perfect size and resolution of the pictures without compromising with the quality of the photo.

Just take a look at the best available choices as per the reviews of the customers, the small size and great features of these apps will surely help you to store photos without storage space running out of space.

Shrink Photos Beautifully

The App as the name suggests helps to shrink or compile the size of the photo by reducing the extra effects of the photo that helps the image to store its actual pixel quality that not leads image to show blurred quality. The App contains different filters as well with shrinking photos size and also comes with the quality to use the photo in email, Twitter, Line and other social networking sites.

MiniMyPix Premium

One of the top rated and appreciable quality of the Application is its size just 890KB, the reduced app size helps MiniMyPix to run faster with grace. The resized image from the app can be directly uploaded or fixed as the app supports leading social media sites link. All you need is to select your desired social media site and the light version of photo taking less internet fee will be uploaded with the right set of resolution. The users have given the app ratings 9.2 out of 10.

QReduce: Shrink Photo Size

The Free App available at all leading mobile apps store helps to compress the photo and to resize the file size of the photos. The app works with two modes as Single and Batch. Both the modes helps to reduce different sized photos as the Single mode generally works with KB files and helps to reduce it further. The other Batch mode helps to reduce the MB (Big Photos), Zip File of the reduced photos can be achieved using the app.

Reduce Photo Size

The basic app works with only and main aim to reduce the size of the photos with a feature to crop the photos without affecting the pixel quality of the photos. The lite version app helps to reduce the size of the multimedia photos to a particular size we can say 40KB automatically. There are different range of filters and options are available to give a new look to the photo you want to change.

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer is one of the top selected apps with working based on two modes of working, the more simply or general version offers to reduce the file size or the photo quality towards little bit low in order to get the desired outcome. For the other chain of apps, the compressed images are handled with reducing the size smartly without hampering the quality of the photo.

Hipix Plus

Most of the Apps boast not touching the portion of the quality of the image during compressing the size of the photo but the thing is only claim and you can see the difference as the app works. This particular app actually helps to convert or change the source file to the hipix format that ensures image quality is maintained only the size of the photo is reduced. The app is simple to use and adds more power to the user.

Photo & Picture Resizer

Just like the name suggests the main aim of the App is to adjust the size of the photo as per the description of the users, the app generally shows different dimensions in which the photo can be adjusted with minimal effect on the quality of the photo. All you need is to select the correct from the list and you will be delivered exact desired result.

Photo Compress 2.0

The best in the list is the Photo Compressor 2.0, other apps usually minimize the resolution of the photo in order to deliver the result, Photo Compressor 2.0 simply works with compressing the file size. The app showcases different ranges of quality that will be available for you as these choices are available part of changes in image quality as low, medium and high.


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