30 Cool Gadgets For Your Holiday Trip

Taking holiday trips is one of the favorite things people love to do these days. Some people are doing it in order to free themselves from the stress that they have got in their job or in their studies. Some are even doing it just to satisfy their cravings for adventure. Whatever the reasons are, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that holiday trips are definitely exciting and stress relieving. But the big question is, do you have any idea what are the cool gadgets you can bring for your holiday trip? If you don’t have, then here are the 30 cool gadgets you must take into account:


  1. Instax Share SP-1 Smartphone Printer

    Of course, capturing great moments is already a normal thing that is done during holiday vacations. There are even times that you want to print the captured photos right away so that you can compile them. If this is the case, then the Instax Share SP-1 Smartphone Printer would be a great travel buddy. In just a blink of an eye, your photos from your smartphone can be printed.


  1. Motion Sensitive Portable Travel Alarm – Your holiday trips would be nicer if you will go to places where you can find yourself a stranger. With that being said, you can never tell that you are completely safe, especially if you are sleeping. This is actually a motion sensitive portable travel alarm can be very helpful. Just put it in your doorknob, and it will create a loud noise once someone is trying to break in.


  1. Stealth Tablet Envelope – This is primarily designed to give you a reliable rubber case for your tablet. Through this, you can carry your tablet without worrying for the possibility that it will be broken. It is completely safe with stealth tablet envelope.


  1. Hush – This particular gadget will help you fall asleep fast. You just have to put the earplugs into your ears. It will be very helpful if you are in a noisy place, and you need to have some good sleep.


  1. Smartphone – Of course, one important gadget that you must have during your holiday vacations is your smartphone. This must be with you at all times. Remember that anything can happen during your vacation, so you must have the contacts to call during emergencies.


  1. Laptop – There are times that you want to travel because you want to do your work in a peaceful paradise. This is why you should have your laptop with you. It will also help you connect to your friends on your social media accounts.


  1. Tablet – This is a perfect alternative for your laptop. It is handy enough, lighter in weight, and a lot more portable when compared to a laptop.


  1. Phantom Wireless Charger Lamp – This is a very stylish charger and a lamp in one. It is a portable lamp where you can put in your vacation room. Moreover, it can be able to charge up your smartphone and tablet.


  1. Universal Smart Ring Holder – Such gadget will help you maintain a tight grip of your phone while you are using it. It will never fall when you have this cool ring. It can also be used as a stand of your smartphone.


  1. NepTune – This is a cool speaker that you can use even you are taking a shower or plunging on the cool water of the pool. It’s a water resistant gadget, so there’s no need for you to worry. You can enjoy the music while getting wet in the water.


  1. Tile – This is really a cool gadget since it’s a small Bluetooth tracker that you can put on your valuable things. If these things will be nowhere to find, such gadget will help you find them through your smartphone.


  1. Pugz – It’s a very small wireless earbuds that you can use while listening to something. It is rechargeable through your smartphone, and this can even be charged up while you’re using it.


  1. Phree – This is actually a cool high-tech pen that you can use if you want to write something. What you have written will then be reflected towards your smartphone or tablet.


  1. Miito – This cool device will help you boil a glass of water that you will use for coffee or anything. It will also work in warming soup and some other kinds of liquids.


  1. Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser – This is just a small device where you can place salt and pepper. If you’re eating and you need some seasonings, you just have to click the switch on this device.


  1. Mini USB Humidifier – This is such a cool handy contraption that you just need to attach to a bottle of water, and it will transform as your instant humidifier.


  1. Portable Toaster Concept – If you’re in a remote place and you want to eat some toasted breads, then this device can surely help you. It actually looks like a knife, making it to be a cool stuff for your travel.


  1. Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher – This is not just an ordinary bottle opener since it can catch all the caps of the bottles that you have opened. It even has a classy transparent design.


  1. Slapsee Sunglasses – This is great foldable sunglasses that you can carry anywhere. It will help your eyes protected from the damaging sun rays.


  1. Digital Measuring Spoon – This is very important especially if you are monitoring the amount of sugar you are putting to your coffee. It has a digital display of the amount of sugar you put into it.


  1. Melon Slicer – If you’re having an escapade in a forest while the sun is up and you have brought water melon with you, this cool melon slicer will help you slice the fruit proportionately.


  1. Phone Holder – This will help you a lot when you are charging your phone. It will hold your smartphone, so there’s no need to worry about the possibility of making it fall.


  1. USB Rechargeable Battery – This is certainly a cool stuff since you can just recharge it through USB. It is actually made just like a USB but a battery in appearance.


  1. Bolt – This gadget will allow you to lock and unlock your door even only with the use of your smartphone.


  1. Scribble Pen – This is actually a high-tech pen that can adopt the color of anything in the surroundings through scanning it. You can then use such color in writing on your tablet.


  1. Toothbrush Sanitizers – Even you’re on a vacation, it’s still very important to maintain proper hygiene. For sure, you can’t afford to have your toothbrushes invaded with germs. In this case, toothbrush sanitizers can be very helpful.


  1. Glowing Memo Alarm Clock – This alarm clock can let you write a reminder or a simple note through its fluorescent transparent board.


  1. Lumen Smart Bulb – Customizing your room atmosphere can be possible through the Lumen Smart Bulb. You can set it in a sunrise mode, party mode and the like.


  1. Quirky Icecap Wine Chiller – This will help you make your wine cooler and delicious to drink even without the need of diluting it to ice.


  1. Bruvelo – This is a great portable coffee maker that you can use while having a vacation. It only has a smaller size, so it will never consume too much space.


These are just 30 of the cool gadgets that you can bring during your holiday vacation. With these gadgets, vacation life would really be easy for you.


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