10 Best Free Data Backup Software for Linux

Backup is a must need for the data saved in PC and servers that contains larger portions of the computers knowledge and different range of data and memory saved, in order to save our data and facts we save these data in computer so what will happen when corrupted windows and virus attacks the data saved in your PC. In order prevent the cause than regretting later is to install backup data software, for Linux Systems the need is must. We have compiled 10 of the best available option as Backup Software for Linux, take a look at the options as they are based on the reviews and the ratings of the users around the globe.


Mondorescue is available as few of the free version of Backup option available to save backup files, all the features available are reliable and secure with features inclusive no additional features cost. The wide range of backup performances helps to work on different platforms as personal computers, work stations or servers to the range extends to disk partitions, NFS< DVD-R and DVD W. The Software has also many of the features installed as the data rescue and recovery feature.

Back Time

One of the most simple workbase software offers easy steps for the backup process specially for the Linux Systems. One of the profound way to do the task by the software is to taking snapshot of the specified directories and backing them up with encrypted codes for security. The options of backup are available as manual or automatic backup option with Directories to backup.


Amanda is known to be a open source software system that uses Unix or GNU based Linux operating for Linux and Windows. The App supports native backup utilities and formats that works in combination as GNU tar for backups on Unix and Linux. Users have the option to choose single backup server to store different backup and network machine at same place.


BackuPC has its range of working compatibility with different system as the software is top used and formed over Unix/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, the software is specially designed for the enterprise level usage with high performance measure and the BackupPC Software can be used safely and smoothly over servers, desktops and laptops. Some of the feature of software includes File Compression to reduce disk space usage, No need for any client software.


Kbackup is an easy to use backup tool available for usage for the both Unix and Linux based operating system. One of the most appreciated feature of software includes creating archives and to compress them with tar and gzip utilities. Some of the top rated feature of Kbackup carries Highly reliability, automated unattended backups, and user friendly easy to use guide for the backup process.

Simple Backup Suite

Simple Backup Suite solution is available to be used for the Gnome desktop where users has the option to configuration with the help of Gnome Interface. Leading feature of the software includes creating compressed and uncompressed backup files, supports multiple backup profiles and allows to join as logging with email notifications.


As the name suggests the way of performing task is powerful for BackupNinja, the software allows different users to design backup activity configuration files that can be dropped in the directory. The backup can be performed over network also as it helps to perform secure, remote  and incremental backups. Top features for the software are Easy to read configuration files, schedule backups, status report can be mailed to users.


Fwbackup is available as the setup to perform the backup task free as it poses many top quality features as cross platform remote backups. The simple interface allows even first time user to go with the method easily without any problem, users have the option to personally perform selection process with exclusion or inclusion of different files. The Software is available with intuitive interface that allows it to perform the backup task easily.


Bacula is available as open source software system for data backup, recovery and verification software that is designed with powerful features and some of the feature may act as complexity for starters but overall these complex features are the real powerhouse of the software. There are different ranges of programs available for different sighted programs as special feature is added for catalog, monitoring, storage and consolation.


Rsync is the most downloaded and used backup plans for the Linux administrations, the rich feature of the system includes incremental backups, update whole directory and file system. Rsync has gained the top option in the list of best free Backup storage software for Linux administration. Some of the cool feature for the app includes graphical user interface called Grsync but one advantage with rysnc, the data can be automated using scripts and cron jobs.


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