How to Delete Multiple Contacts at Once from iPhone & iPad

No doubt iPhone is called as the most advanced featured phone in the present scenario with enormous number of inbuilt apps that helps you to manage many PC things with phone itself. iPhone owners although face many problems as they cannot connect normally via other Smartphone as there is no Bluetooth connectivity available for the users. Just like this problem the advanced version of iPhone launched as the 7th generation of the phone doesn’t carry any positive feature for the contact apps. The feature to manage contact is based on the ages ago technology with normal calling and disconnecting call feature. If you want to delete multiple contacts on the go than you cannot do the task with ease as there is no option available for the task to easily manage contacts. In order to do the task some of the app companies offer special contact app for iPhone user, to inform you correctly these apps doesn’t even allow you to delete multiple contact at once and to do the task with each separate contact deleting is hectic.

So what is the solution for it, deleting one contact at once, no we will surely offer you different available hacks to tackle the situation. The mentioned below hacks and simple methods are for all iPhone users and steps are needed to be followed as the mentioned cycle. We will also discuss the process to delete contact for Macbook and iPad.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts from iPhone or iPad

For Mac users:

You can remove the contact list or several contacts at once using the Contact App available to be used on your Mac. In order to use the multiple delete option just launch the Contact App available in the menu bar, all you need after opening the app is to sign in to the iCloud Account on your Mac that is available on other platform as iPhone or iPad and after that you need to make sure that the list of contacts is being checked.

Steps to Sign in:

  • Simple step includes open setting and select the iCloud option.
  • Here you need to give information as the contacts so that they sync across your device in order to ensure you are commanding the update or edit option.
  • Once you are signed in than all you need is to open the contact app option available as the part of application in your Macbook.
  • Viewing all contacts hold down the command button and carefully mark the list of contacts you want to delete during the process. After selecting the available range of contacts the upper right side column will show you the number of contacts you want to delete.
  • If you want to recheck just scroll down the available contacts and later you can delete the available cards using the app and option delete cards.

For PC Users

Steps for the PC Users with Apple ID are somehow similar as for the Macbook or iPhone or iPad as the steps are mentioned below.


  • Open the site on your computer and provide the username and password for the Apple ID to your iPhone or iPlad.
  • Open the contact app and select the available set of contacts you want to remove, scroll down with command key and select the desired range of contacts for the process.
  • After selecting the contacts just select the delete option available and the non relevant contacts will surely get deleted from your contact list.
  • Just you need is to confirm the delete option once more in order to permanently delete the desired set of people.

Apps available to perform the task

If you want to simply delete the contacts from your phone with several other features available to assist you better in future, for the task all you need is to install app for the contact management and we will suggest you Smart Merge to be downloaded for free from the play store. The free version will available with few qualities for more chain of advanced feature you can select the paid version of the app.

Steps to delete contacts using the app

Step 1: The first step is to download the app and to fill the required information in order to ensure security purposes.

Step 2: Launch the app and you will see the option to manage or edit the contact, just click to the edit icon.

Step 3: Using the edit option select the name and number of the contacts you want to delete by selecting multiple contacts at once.

Step 4: After selecting the choice as the available list of contact you want to delete there will be trash like icon towards the lower middle order of the app select it and the contacts will be deleted with an ease.


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