How to Enable or Disable Google Hangouts Last Seen Feature

Google Hangout and its different extension has introduced several new feature as part of the update in order to make the hangout feature more convenient for the users. Google Hangout has been seen as the corporate level rival of the leading conversational App called as the Whatsapp, in order to compete well Google Hangout has introduced the Last Seen as well as seen reports as part of its functional unit over different platforms.

The new update with seen feature has experienced collective responses as all the users are not happy with it, some of the hangout users has named the feature as the sneak peak in personal life. We sometime just want to avoid certain messages even after reading it, how it feels to know that someone was ‘Seen’ after you send message and has read it but not replied. In order to get rid of the feature we will surely ease down the chaos situation for you as there are certain hacks or ways through which you can disable the ‘Seen’ feature just like you carry same feature for Whatsapp. The different ways at different Hangout platforms is discussed below.

Android- Google Hangouts

The App based Google Hangout is on role from quite some time, the Google Hangout feature is available to be used on version of Android 2.5 and above. People added to your hangout from the Gmail will be able to converse with you using Hangout feature. The new update allows all the people added to your hangout to look at the last time you were seen available on Hangout and there will be R mark for the messages you have read.

In order to disable the feature, just open the Hangout App and open the Navigation option and visit the option available as the Application based setting. If you are present with more than one account configured than you can turn ‘seen’ report off for each one separately.  Just select account and switched to its setting, there will be brand new option available with highlight ‘show my last seen’. Under the option there will be options available as enable or disable choose as per your preference and the option will be selected for all. The ‘seen’ option is available in the Hangouts with Android version 2.5 and above.

Chrome- Hangouts App and Extension

Chrome version of Hangout is available as the most used Hangout platform, Chrome offers Hangout option as the chat feature along with your mail id. Most of the people don’t know about the disable last seen or message seen feature available at chrome as the option is not easily available.

So we are here to help you to find the way only, just open the Gmail navigator from the homepage option available at the chrome web portal. After opening your mail id you will see different options available over the page and the mails. See for the correct option as there will be little drop-down arrow option available just next to the search bar at the conversational thread, selecting this option will lead you to the setting screen. Scroll down there will be several options available just look at the option with words ‘Set Your Mood for today’ button you will see the option ‘show my hangout contacts’. Just choose the option available in the setting as Enable or Disable the Seen Message or the Last time active details. Following the same trait of steps in future you  can enable the feature as per the mood and choice.

Gmail Interface

Hangout option is available to be used as an Gmail Interface as the basic version of the App is available to be used if you don’t have different options available as Chrome installed or the Hangout App installed, you can still use the Hangout function with Gmail web interface. If you don’t know about the feature you can immediately add people to your contact and start conversing with them, the option to disable the seen mode is also available at Gmail interface.

Following the mentioned few steps you will surely be allowed to Disable or Enable the ‘Seen’ feature. The steps are simple in Gmail Interface as you need to only little drop down the arrow available just next to the user photo. If you are scrolling down selectively seeing all options available, there will be option available as ‘Set your mood for today’ in the option same ‘Show my Hangouts contacts when I was Last seen on Hangout’ within the option the choice will be available to disable or enable the feature as per the choice. You can later adjust the setting to Enable, you can follow the same steps if the mood changes in future.


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