Top 5 Disadvantages Of Broadband Internet

Nothing in this world is full-proof, in other words we can say that everything here has some pros and cons related to it. The same principle applies onto broadband connection too. If you are thinking to switch to broadband connection from dial up connection, please have a look at this article which will make you familiar with some disadvantages of a broadband connection.

1. It can cost you more than a dial up connection

The major disadvantage of a broadband connection is that you have to pay a fixed fee, no matter you are online or not. It has nothing to do with your internet usage as you will be charged as per your plan no matter how much data you consume. So the broadband connection is not for you if you don’t spend much time over the internet.


2. Higher Security Risks

A broadband network can be easier to hack because of its flexibility and availability. Risk of being hacked will be even higher if you use a wireless network as MITM attacks can be injected onto your network. So you to make it more secure and always use a strong password to increase the security of your broadband connection.


3. Lack of portability

If you are using a dial up modem then you can carry it with yourself, but you have to compromise on it while using a broadband connections. As broadband connection is basically fixed line networks, so you have no freedom to take it with you. In this case you have to keep a separate dial up modem if you are in transit and needed internet on the go.


4. Maintenance issues

You have to rely on your ISP in case of any cable breakage or any other technical fault that can’t be fixed by yourself. As you have to wait for the representative from the ISP who will fix your internet problem and sometimes it will take as long as a week to get the problems fixed. So, a Dial up connection is free from all these types of issues.


5. Slower speeds in peak hours

You may feel a lag in speed during peak hours, as in fixed line broadband connections it’s often seen that the speed is being downgraded in early mornings and late evenings. The reason behind this is the increased number of users. You may overcome this problem by taking high speed tariff plans, but it will not come for free and you have to pay a big amount for high speed broadband.



Broadband connections are undoubtedly the best way to access the Internet at a good speed. But they have some counter parts too. As we have mentioned the drawbacks of using a broadband connection; now you are free to go for a broadband connection if you are don’t have a problem with the stated disadvantages.


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