How To Download and Read Wikipedia Offline

Wikipedia has been the forefront of the search for reliable information on any kind of data. In the recent years, Wikipedia has been the supreme encyclopedia being used by students, researchers and many of the higher academicians as a part of the research on the internet. The reliable source and the authenticity of the information through Wikipedia is one of the prime institutions that have been developed as a credible utility on the Internet. However, in the recent times, there have been queries on availing the offline version for reference on Wikipedia. Remarkably Wikipedia counts as the sixth most popular website in the World. So let us have a brief on how Wikipedia can be accessed through offline mode.

Downloading from Wikipedia (the dump archives of Wikipedia)  

There are updates for each of the release on Wikipedia, each year. You can capitalize by downloading the archives of the previous version that can be obtained through torrent downloads or the dump torrents of Wikipedia. The file size on an average lays up to 9 GB and make an effort to download the correct archive on the listing ( archive with names ending with ‘pages-articles.xml.bzZ’ ).The archive can be exported into the formats that readable by the readers that you install.

Opening the XML files with WikiTaxi

A resourceful download for Windows users. You can download WikiTaxi and extract the files to run WikiTaxi. You would be guided through the tutorials on how to use WikiTaxi. Scroll down to the end of the manual page to section referred as Import XML dump into WikiTaxi database. Open the downloaded archive for the dumps from Wikipedia in the near recent update. This would take you to the process of updating the WikiTaxi by importing the dump archive onto the system. Once the installation is over, scroll through to find the in the home folder of WikiTaxi installation files. Select the file as the default database for the reader and there you have an unlimited access to all the information on Wikipedia over the years.

Kiwix, the appraised reader across platforms

An offline reader that has options to download entire pages in the Wikipedia Library. The only drawback on the installation of Kiwix is the lack of images to support the content on the downloaded libraries from Wikipedia. The installation is available for almost all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac and other versions of Linux. You can also download the .zim package for the various editions of Wikipedia over the years and directly in the interface in Kiwix. The latest of the package can be downloaded from, and the package has the latest of the information on Wikipedia

Though both the versions of installations are quite efficient, the reports suggest that Kiwix has an edge over the latter since the user preferences are categorized on a better advantage as when compared together. Also, the support for the other platforms in Kiwix is another aspect that makes Kiwis a better option over WikiTaxi, that is only featured on the windows platform. Furthermore, if you have an Apple device, you could use the Wiki Offline that is pretty efficient but has a limited resource of saving visited pages on Wikipedia.


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