Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Service – Dropbox Alternatives

Today there is an increase in electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tabs its so clearly the storage of data in it are also increasing day by day. Imagine, if we lost all the data from our widgets then there is no way to restore it. For now, no need to care more. Here are the top 10 best cloud storage services where your data are more secure and accessible even if it is mislaid.


Google drive is the best cloud storage device from the nifty search engine Google. It offers a memory space of 15 GB when we create a fresh account. If you have a gmail, google calendar, unknowingly you already own that free space. Google offers Google drive to different online services. Google can send any photos below 2048×2048 resolution and it can send short time videos. In Google Drive you can store,share and edit your files. If you desire to share your work it can be easily done with Google Drive.

9. BOX

The box is the normally used among business and company users. When compared to Google Drive, Box only provides 10 GB of free storage for personal utilization. Merely in a Box we can’t store large dates, like movies and files due to the fact that it limits files to 250MB. Sometimes Box is mistaken as it is Dropbox, because both named similar. Box supports functionally good. There are many options for creating, sorting and uploading files.


Mega is a New Zealand based company and it offers free storage of 50GB to its clients. The very famous file hosting services called is the orgin of the cloud storage service named Mega. Mega provides security for data of it’s customers and provides encryption in every component of the process. Hence, if you ship anything via Mega then the data is encrypted locally, and decrypted on the destination server. Sharing is easy in Mega, you can place an invitation to your friend and he can view, edit, etc. with the file. With an encryption key, it’s users can access the files very easily. Mega is the best alternative if you are awaiting for an online storage location.


A drive has many impressive features like 50GB of free storage for personal accounts and you can upload a file of 16GB. This cloud storage service is easy to use and can create public links to your files very quickly. A drive is easy to pilot interface and has benefits with its online text editor. If you need less online storage then Adrive is worth your consideration.


Onedrive is a cloud storage device previously named Skydrive and it’s a product of Microsoft. Onedrive is giving 15GB of free cloud storage to its users. If you mention it your friends, then you will get additional 5GB and 3GB by enabling photo backup. In One drive, it also permits you to remotely access file through the One drive website.


Tresorit has various services to secure storage in the cloud. You receive a free storage of 3GB and after that there is a package which costs some amount and it offers 100GB of storage services to its users. Transit is much secure because all the files are encrypted on route and no one can access the data without the encoding key. If you are expecting for a secure method of storing data, then Tresorit is an excellent choice.


Knowhow is a safe start and it secures your data. It is good about its reliability of LiveDrive. In knowhow there are three storage options they are: Tablet Cloud 200GB, 2TB and 4TB. If you wants to store more data securely in the cloud then Knowhow could be a better option. Knowhow may offer more storage to its users.



Mediahire has a free account of 10GB of space and you can boost it up to a very respectable 50GB of space. Using Mediafire we can create folders, uploads and can download files. If you take a photo in your mobile device then the pictures are automatically backup to the Mediafire. There are many new features like music and photo apps that are focused to share it on social media.

2. APPLE iCloud

Apple icloud is the best drive that permits you to store any kind of document or data even if it is not created in apple app. It provides a free storage of 5GB. It have an additional ability is to share files between apps, and then you can put it in a presentation. If you are an Apple user then this cloud device is the best option and it can be used in any other operating systems too.


Amazon offers a free storage of 5GB and it assures you to store more than 2000 photos. Amazon also includes a music storage service called Cloud player. Amazon is very useful to back up your photos and videos online. If you are an Amazon member then you will get unlimited storage for photos and videos on the cloud drive service.


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