Top 10 Extinct Breeds of Dogs in The World

Extinction is the term which marks the end of a species. Extinction happens as a result of various factors. Extinction of dog species is mainly due to interbreeding and also due to many environmental factors. Here is the list of ten breeds of dogs that have become extinct.


  1. African hairless dog

It was also called Abyssinian Sand .Due to its warm, furless body, it was said to possess magical healing powers. It was also used as bed warmers. They were said to be fearless, loyal and willing to please. A preserved African Hairless Dog is on display in England’s Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum.


  1. Alpine Mastiff

It is an extinct molosser dog breed. It was considered as the largest dog in England. It is the ancestor of the modern day Mastiff and St. Bernard.


  1. Norfolk Spaniel

Norfolk spaniel, also called Shropshire Spaniels, saw an end to its existence after 1903 when The Kennel Club lumped them in with the newly created English springer spaniel breed.


  1. Chien-gris

It was a breed which originated during the medieval times. It was said to form the royal pack of France. They were rough haired and were the ancestors of the modern French rough-coated Griffon breeds.


  1. Alaunt

This existed in central Asia and Europe through the 17th century. They were large, short coated dogs with long, broad and flat heads. This breed was basically kept by the Alani tribes, which were the Nomads of Indo-European sarmatian ancestry, for doing various works. The Alaunt is regarded as the ancestor to the modern bulldogs.


  1. Kuri

Kuri was used by the Maori people as a source of fur and meat. They were introduced to New Zealand by the Maori migrations. The fur of kuri was used to make cloaks, belts and decorating weapons. This breed was extinct by the 18th century due to its inability to interbreed with the European dogs.


  1. John’s water dog

St. John’s dogs were domesticated dogs that existed in Newfoundland, Canada. This breed is the ancestor to the modern retrievers. They were medium sized, strong and stocky with characteristics white patches on chest, chin, feet and muzzle. This was extinct by the early 20th century.


  1. Turnspit dog

They were long bodied dogs with short legs. They were bred to run on a wheel to turn meat so that the meal cooks evenly. A pair of dogs was kept for work to take shifts due to the strenuous nature of work.


  1. Blue Paul Terrier

Blue Paul terrier was so named due to its blue color. They were powerfully built with smooth coat and large heads. They had extraordinary fighting skills. It largely existed in the U.K. and U.S. It disappeared between the years 1850 and 1900. They were crossed with the American pit bull terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers.


  1. Southern Hound

The Southern Hound was a tall, heavy dog with a square head. This breed existed in Britain. It is believed to be the ancestor to many modern day hound breeds.


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