10 Interesting Facts About Cancer Zodiac Sign Personality

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign and comes in the period of 20 June to 22 July. The zodiac symbol is Crab as just like Crab; a cancer person hides under a defensive shell due to the fear of being hurt by others. Once out of the shell, possess strong potential to achieve success. They are unpredictable, temperamental, indecisive, and sensitive, easily hurt and are prone to emotional stress. These are some of the facts regarding a cancer zodiac sign personality.

Cancer tidbits

The ruling planet is the Moon. The lucky days are Monday and Thursday. Their lucky numbers are 2, 7,11,16,20,255 and their lucky colors are orange and white. Their lucky stones are pearl, moon stone and rubies. The compatible signs are Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces and Taurus.

Nature of cancer

Cancer is full of contradictions. On one side they are people with perseverance and are self sufficient and do not need to depend on others for any material or physical matters. On the other side when it comes to emotional or mental matters, they are weak and needs someone to support and encourage them emotionally. They are complex and fragile. They have the fear of being rejected by others.

Cancer and friendship

A Cancer friend is usually a lifelong and trusted friend. The best thing about Cancer is that they have an amazing ability of making others feel loved and wanted. In this process they themselves feel good as a result of making someone else feel good. You can lean on a cancer friend in whatever problems you face. They are very reliable. However, they rarely express their own feelings. They are extremely loyal towards the people who are good with them. They crave attention from others and they are the happiest when they have a small close knit group of friends and family. Cancer will always want to stay in touch with old friends and anyone who has been close with them

Deep inside

Cancer develops a defensive shell in their minds which hides their true potentials from the outside world. They have a fear of being hurt by others, which is the reason they hide themselves behind the shell. They are shy people and also are very observant and can read other’s minds very well. They also have a very powerful memory.

Cancer and business

The remarkable features of a cancer are that they are intuitive and imaginative. They are successful in business and investments because of their intuitive, physic ability and the creative minds which are capable of predicting the future trends. Once, they are out of the cover of shyness and insecurity, they can shine forth as they are capable of achieving what they plan. A cancer person attracts money and knows where to invest. They give priority to financial well being. If they are able to overcome their emotional qualities such as insecurity, they are even more capable of achieving financial goals. They have a driving force and forceful personality.

Health concerns

Cancer people are highly emotional and vulnerable to mental stress which arises out of their insecurity. They are susceptible to gastric problems, obesity and heartburn. Therefore they should maintain a careful diet. As they worry a lot, they are prone to all kinds of stress related problems.

Marriage/ love life

They have unconditional love and care more than any other astrological sign. They are very possessive. They are very delicate and passionate. Trust is the single most important thing to them. You need to win their trust in order to build a strong relation with them. They are gentle and tender. They seek a partner who can understand and support them and are as intuitive as them. They are devoted lovers, love children and marry for life.


A Cancer person dislikes opposition, failure, being told what to do and advice whether good or bad.

Negative traits

Temperamental, Pessimism, Suspiciousness, Insecure, Wavering emotions, Tendency to take hurts to heart, Inability to forgive easily. Because of these traits, they sometimes even regard life to be miserable during difficult times. Once they come out of their shyness and their defensive shell and try to over the emotional negatives which pull them back, they can put forward their positive traits and be very successful in life.

Positive traits.

Tenacity, Loyalty, Patriotic, Sympathetic, Persuasive, Intuitive and Sensitive. They have high potential of achieving success.