10 Interesting Facts About Leo Zodiac Sign Personality

People born in the period of ‘June 23-August 21’ belong to Leo zodiac sign. The Leo is the most dominant, spontaneously creative and generous of all Zodiac signs. They are filled with zest and vigor, which attracts people towards them. Here are the facts regarding a Leo Zodiac sign personality in a nutshell.

Leo tidbits

The sun is the ruling planet for the Leo zodiac sign. The lucky day is Sunday and their lucky numbers are 1,4,10,13,19,22. Their lucky colors are gold, orange, white and red. Sardonyx, diamond, amber and ruby are the lucky stones of Leo zodiac sign. The signs that are compatible with Leo are Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra.

Nature of Leo

Leo is independent and capable of achieving success by themselves without the help of anyone else. But they usually do not prefer to be alone rather they want to be supported and encouraged by others. They are always at the spotlight and make their presence known.

Moreover, a Leo does not like sticking up to a regular pattern of life rather loves adventure. They are self assured and fiery. They are full of creativity and energy and are warm-hearted and loyal. They also possess negative qualities which includes arrogance and boastfulness.

Strength of Leo

Leo personalities possess strong positive qualities. They are full of energy and vigor. Creativity, magnanimity, loyal, self confidence, majestic nature, optimism, dedication, self-awareness aristocracy add to their strength. Another strength of Leo that adds to their personality is their ability to forget the past. They never dwell on the ups and downs that shattered them in the past.

Weakness of Leo

Along with their strength, they posses weaknesses which include arrogance, pompous, impatience, ferocious, stubborn nature, domineering and sometimes intolerant. If they understand and overcome these weak points, they can be successful and achieve compete happiness in life.

Leo and Friendship

Leo friends are very loyal and helpful. They have a magnetism that attracts others around them. They are loyal and giving and go beyond their way to help their friends. They have the potential to bring warmth to one’s heart and light up one’s spirit. They are very encouraging. Extremely forgiving, they never hold grudge.

Leo and Business

Leos are born leaders. They, in fact, rule the space to which they belong to. They are very determined and are successful at business. Their potential is the best at work when they occupy a superior position. They are loyal to the subordinates and their cheerfulness and zest attracts subordinates towards them. They do not doubt or give up but go straight into the hearts of problems.

Marriage/ Love Life

Leos are very romantic and passionate. They want their partners to admire them. They also make very loving and understanding partners.

Deep inside

Leo is extremely sensitive but they never show it out. Leo is all about pride. Leo craves for appreciation and praise which if not obtained will leave them hurt inside. But they hide it inside and never show it out. However, they are very warm hearted.

Health concerns

Leos are prone to problems related with the heart and spine. Moreover, depression can lead them to overeating which results in stomach bulge and back pain.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: drama, children, high-class living, luxury and speculative ventures.

Dislikes: dwelling on past, penny-pinching, mediocrity, small-minded persons