Top 5 Best File Browsers / Managers for Android

Being a true smartphone platform, Android does offer quite a lot of accessibility with their handsets unlike many other smartphone OS. A native browser comes along with many Android smartphones, but the world of Android apps is really vast and anyone can download some third party file browser apps if they like. Here we have reviewed top 5 Android file browsers.

1. ES File Explorer

Apparently, ES File Explorer is in the top favorite list for file browsers in many Android users list. Yes there are plenty other programs for the same job but very few offers a nice and clean user interface, easy to learn gestures and additional features like root access to a certain level in rooted devices, sharing files over local network server and so on. ES File Explorer provides a familiar experience of browsing files in an Android devices, especially Microsoft Windows users would be able to find resemblance with a similar sort of file browsing experience. Apart from just browsing, ES File Explorer offers options for sorting files and also arranging the files in orders like alphabetical, date of creation etc. If external USB storages are attached using OTG interface it also shows up inside ES File Explorer apart from the on-board internal and external storage options.

2. Root Browser

In term of exterior, the Root Browser app doesn’t really come with heavy modifications. It’s just a simple app with plain black background and yellow folder or white file icons showing up in the foreground and that’s all we are talking about. Even not many fancy gestures are available to make the tasks easier. But Root Browser isn’t dull in any ways – because it’s basically a root browser. Any Android device with rooting privileges enabled would be able to see deep down into the roots of an Android file system and modifying even the core files is possible using Root Browser. Having such access to the file system could jeopardize an Android system if it falls to the wrong hands – someone with no idea about rooting and Android file system could brick a device. However, in order to browse the regular files root access isn’t required.

3. AntTek Explorer

For the best Microsoft Windows like desktop experience in an Android ecosystem, AntTek Explorer is the recommended app. The user friendliness in AntTek Explorer is slightly lesser than the same on many other apps currently available in the Android app store, but AntTek Explorer still wins many hearts as the icons and accessibility features resemble Windows a lot. The interface isn’t as intuitive and good looking as ES File Explorer. However, there are few gestures incorporated within the system. User can drag and drop a file into a folder just like a computer and that makes AntTek Explorer a really worthy app.

4. File Commander

File Commander doesn’t really resemble any popular already existing popular file browsing system, yet it’s very common and also very popular among the Android users. File Commander sorts all the files in a common category in the initial screen, e.g. Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents, Downloads etc. By clicking on any of these options, the user will find all files in the respective categories in all storage locations in the Android device.

5. File Manager HD

The color scheme and icon placements are somewhat similar to ES File Explorer, but yet File Manager HD is different in several aspects. For example, this program specializes in finding recent files in an Android system. People who need to move a lot of files would find File Manager HD very useful.

All the apps mentioned here are available for free in Google Play Store, however there could be some paid high-featured versions as well.


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