How to Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Error on Android

We cannot avoid the problems that are created in the mobile phones. A number of software and hardware issues can be seen occurring in the phones nowadays. Along with the interesting features, a lot of bugs and problems are seen today in the mobiles phones.

A recently occurred problem is seen in the mobile phones running on the android operating system on the latest official update of Marshmallow named “Screen Overlay”. Though Android Marshmallow is one of the finest update given by the Android Operating System. By nature, it’s a software problem which is faced when setting permission in the newly installed apps. Not exactly the default in the software but it is the issue in the system settings to the mobiles which can be avoided by the general guide. So I bring here a quick guide to help you to solve this problem. Let’s go to know in detail about this problem and reasons due to which it appears and how to fix this problem.


The cause of Screen Overlay:

When we start the newly installed apps along with the running floating app that appears frequently over other running applications then this problem is likely to occur. When we provide access rights and permissions during the launching of newly installed apps in interference with floating apps screen overlay is detected.

Mostly Motorola and Samsung smartphones are seen to have affected with this problem as reported by most of the users through the internet. This problem is replicated with many applications.

Let us put on light to the step-by-step ways to solve the problem of “Screen Overlay” in detailed. These steps will guide you very simply to understand the way to remove this problem.

First Step:

Following steps have to be followed to start the fixing of this problem. Since setting interface of a different brand of mobile phones is different, the ways to solve this issue is mentioned separately for Samsung and Non-Samsung user below:

  • Samsung User

-Go to the settings

-Then select Applications > Application Manager

-Press on “More” > Apps that can appear on top

  • Non-Samsung User

-Go to the Settings

-Select the magnifying glass at the top right

-Enter the search term “draw”

-Select “Draw” over other apps

Second Step:

In a second step, the list of apps that are allowed to use floating buttons and screen overlays are opened in a list. After that, we have to sort out the app that is giving problem causing overlays and we should deny its permission to lay over the screen for the time being. If all or most of the applications are creating the overlays problem the all should be shut down. Let’s sum up the techniques to find out the app causing problem:

  • If you see the app bubble on the screen then it may likely to create that problem so disable the app in the list.
  • If any app is installed featuring the brightness and color control then it can be the reason.
  • Clean Master is a trouble creator in many cases so it’s worth disabling it.
  • Apart from these if any problem is created then disable floating of all the apps for the time being in the list.

Third Step:

  • It is not actually the step to be applied to fix this problem but it’s just a verification of the basic steps that we have done to solve the “Screen Overlay” problems. After setting the earlier two steps, again launch the app and it will most probably request the permissions without showing any of error like “Display Overlay Detected” in the middle of the task.
  • Apart from all of the above causes, specifically for Samsung users, it is suggested to disable “One Handed Keyboard” as it is also reported to be one of the causes of this problem. (Go to the Settings > Advanced Settings > One-Handed Operation > Deactivate)

Fourth Step:

  • This step is especially associated with the reactivation of the screen overlays.
  • We have disabled many or most of the apps in the “second step”. Now it’s the time to enable those disabled the overlay permissions of the apps. Priority should be given to enable those apps which are mostly and actually used frequently or most of the times.
  • Just for the normal re-verification, we can once again check out the launching the apps which generally used to create the “Display Overlay Problem”.

These are some of the basic suggested ways to solve the “Display Overlay Problems” as suggested by the experts of these sectors. It is requested to you that you can go through the settings of your phone to find the related heads to identify the settings to be fixed and start working accordingly as stated. Hopefully, it will solve the problem created on your phone too.


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