Top 5 Free WiFi Hotspot Software For Windows

We are living in an era where the technology has reached heights. However, it does not mean that every place on the earth is as developed as it should be. There are places where mobile internet and public Wi-Fi are very improved in the world. But the majority of the world faces a lack of infrastructure and growth of the same. The sharing of Wi-Fi through the Wi-Fi hotspots becomes very handy there. It gives plenty of options for using the internet network and also gets good speed. However, when we talk about Windows System, it becomes very complicated to have such sharing but with the help of quality system we can achieve that.

Here are the 5 best wifi software for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 that can help you get free Wi-Fi Hot spot in your system.

  1. Connectify

There are two versions available for the software. The free and paid versions with the difference of features offered can be taken into consideration for the Wi-Fi sharing. You can share internet connection from both 3G and 4G devices with the software. However, the free version does not support the system and that can be measured it as a disadvantage if you are not willing to pay for the service.

  1. mHotspot

This is free software and that can turn your Windows PC a source of the internet with the hotspot. All you need to do is to give a name, password, a number of clients and the source of internet to make it a hot spot. It can, however, support 10 clients at a time. It is really small in size and can be used pretty easily for creating Wi-Fi hotspots.

  1. My Public Wifi

This is one of the best softwares used for creating Wi-Fi hotspot creation. The software can actually create the hotspot and then control the clients. You will have access to check which websites have been used by the clients. You can also get the details of the websites used by the clients if you find something undesired.

  1. MaryFi

This is one of the best softwares that can be used for the hotspot purpose and it comes with loaded features. You can make your PC a hotspot and source of the internet with the software. However, when you are not using it as the source of internet, you can also share the files with the software among the clients and the source. It can also be used for LAN based games. This is free software.

  1. My WI-FI router

This is easy to use and remarkable software used for the hotspot sharing. You will have great access to the Wi-Fi along with the software. You can check the access of the clients associated with the hotspot. You can also block the service of any software that you want. Also, the software can be used for sharing.

The majority of the Wi-Fi Hotspot sharing softwares supports the Windows 7 and Windows 8 and even Windows Servers. These can also be used for both 32 bits and 64 bits system of Windows.


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