10 Secret Girl Code Rules Never Be Broken

The strongest and rigid friendship between two girlfriends is better than even a boy and girl relationship. There are certain divine codes that should never be broken between them. These are the secret promises that meant to be accept it with heart not with ears. So these are the girl codes which you are looking for. Lets have a glance through it.

1. Planning to wear the same patterned and colored dress in any occasion.

This is the promise that they wear the same colored or patterned dress in any occasion. Its just to show other friends that their friendship is strong and perfect than others. Moreover than, they can take snaps by wearing the same dress and most probably this snap will be the display picture of their social media groups.

2. Telling secrets to your bestie and make a promise that they wont tell it to anyone.

Your best friend is the treasure of your secrets, none other than her knows you well. And they make a promise that it will be kept as secrets in mind not as gossips in corridors of classes or offices.

3. Making a pinky promise that you wont upload an image to social medias where she  looks bad enough.

This is the most funny promise in the girl codes. If you took a selfie both, then most commonly your friend looks bad enough and you look somehow beautiful in this snap. Then your friend forces to make a promise that you mustn’t upload this image to any social media. You agree with her at that moment and take it as pinky promise when you get home.

4. Your bestie’s enemy is your enemy too

If your bestie has an enemy then he or she is your enemy too. There may be no reason for you to make him/her as your envy except he/she is you friend’s enemy even if you don’t know them.

5. Planning to go for shopping together.

Shopping is an inevitable thing in a girl life. None other than you can spend the hours with her  because both are crazy in shopping. Girls love shopping with her friends,if they enter into a mall at morning there is no wonder if they exit at night.

6. Promises that you will be arrive on time but you can’t.

You promise with her that you will arrive there on time but you will be the last person coming for that place, meantime your bestie will wait for you till you come.

7. Let your friend know when her boyfriend is cheating.

This is  the silent promise which they have not said by words. A good friend can’t sit silently knowing that her friend is cheating by someone. She will inform her as soon as possible and she will advice her to get rid of this bad relationship.

8. Bring  joy to your depressed girl friend.

Be there for her when she is depressed. Make her cool with a vanilla choco-chip ice cream bucket. Only you can make her get out of the gloomy mood. If you can’t make her happy, then be sure don’t allow her to feel the pain alone.

9. You should never date with your friend’s ex.

It is a never told promise between them. A true friend can’t date with her friend’s ex. If it happens, then your friend can’t bear it. This is one of the relevant girl code in between them.

10. Never go out and enjoy without your bestie.

You shouldn’t go out without your bestie. You shouldn’t take away her other friends without informing her. She will call you if she wants you to be there in outing with her friends. So never go out without her or by yourself with her friends.



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