H4 Visa Requirements, Documents & USA Family Immigration

H4 visa is also called dependent visa. An H4 visa is a visa that is issued by the US citizenship & immigration services (USCIS) of H1 visa holders to the immediate family members like spouse and children under the age of 21. US Citizenship & immigration Services allows immediate family members of H visa holders (H-1A, H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, or H-3) to get H-4 visas to come and stay legally in the US.

These visas are habitually delivered at the local US consulate office abroad. However, if the person is already staying in US, then he or she can obtain H-4 status by filing the specific Form I-539 for change of status.

Allowance for H4 Visa holders:

If you are applying for a visa of staying in US, along with your spouse, who is also applying for H1 at the same time, then you can submit applications together. An H4 visa allows the visa holders to claim:

  • To work in USA
  • To pursue education
  • To open bank accounts
  • Become eligible for Tax ID for IRS Tax Purposes (ITIN)
  • And finally to get a driver’s license

However, H4 visa holders are not eligible to get a Social security Number.


H4 Visa Tips:

To apply for h4 visa, make sure to make no mistakes in filling the forms of application and also make sure to read all the statements and accept all the legalities related to the Government of US and H4 visa. Here are some useful tips for H4 visa applicants:

Mandatory Documents: while applying to H4 visa, you will need the following mandatory visa documents to get attached with your application forms:

  • Current and old passports.
  • A photograph
  • Printed confirmation page of submitted DS-160 form along with CEAC bar code.
  • Interview appointment letter (original) and one copy.
  • Fees to be paid in advance before taking an appointment.

Supporting documents: following supporting documents should also be attached if available:

  • Copies of 1st and last page of the current passport.
  • Original form I-129
  • Letter from principal applicant’s valid visa
  • Original marriage certificate to show that you have officially married to the Principal applicant
  • Original birth certificate of every child
  • Wedding invitation card if available

Thoroughly Check Your Visa:

Upon receiving a visa, please check the errors in filling your name, your spouse’s name, date of birth of both of you, type of visa and validity date of the visa.

The main key to get the H4 visa for USA is doing the right thing, at the right place and at the right time. The delegation will not accept any document that is received directly from the company by mail or fax. The applicant of the H4 visa should bring all the documents while coming to the interview. The delegation is of the authority to not to discuss any information available to anyone and anybody and will immediately do away with all the documents of the applicants after the review of the documents and will made further rejection or acceptance.


  1. Hi. My sister wants to apply for h4 visa. Does she needs to carry her degree certificates for stamping???? Can u please send me all the required documents????


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