Top 15 HD Games for iOS and Android

Mobile Gaming is one of the biggest things in the industry. The gaming experience is improving and new features are getting added. It does not matter you are in IOS or Android Platform, the fun and entertainment of gaming is irreplaceable. Everyday some or the other improvements making inroads for the gaming industry and HD Games has now been considered as one of the best. The HD games for both IOS and Android Platforms are very exciting and ranges of games have already arrived in the market.

So, here are the Top 15 HD Games that are best for both IOS and Android.

  1. Dead Trigger 2

The awesome zombie shooter games are absolutely pleasure to play on mobile. The games give you the best platform for shooting. The evolving story and the classic graphic give you the feel. All you have to do is to think of zombies and shoot them. However, if you fail to do so, you will be killed. This game is developed by Madfinger.

  1. Need for Speed- Most Wanted

This is one of the most popular games in the world. The beautiful and stylish cars trying to evade the Police on the streets can be really exciting. All you need is speed and driving. There are 40 cars available with exciting features. You can get crashed and burnt. However, collecting points and bounties and different runs to compete at different levels are the heat and soul of the game.

  1. Castle of Illusions

The game is set up on a story of kidnapping by Mizrabel. He captures Minnie and hides her at Castle of Illusion. Micky sets off for the adventurous journey to save her. This is one of the fascinating games with twists and turns and improved graphics.

  1. Shadowrun Dragonfall

You need to lead a mission to Shadowrun away from technical advancements. There will elves, men and trolls living in discord and the fascinating journey would give you a superb experience of gaming.

  1. Chaos Rings

If you love the game for survival, then this is one of the best. You can choose pair of fighters and start fighting to survive. You need to fight with different monsters and of course with human to be alive and in the contention.

  1. Modern Combat 5

The Modern Combat gives you the responsibility to save the world. You need to create your own squad and find the commotion responsible for the mess. You can join hands with other players all over the world or invite friends to make you squad.

  1. Anamoly 2

Fight against the aliens to save the planet earth. The game is based upon the future where the aliens will launch an attack and men will stand together to save it. It is the fight to survive for one more day and search for the food and essential amenities by avoiding the eyes of the aliens.

  1. Deer Hunter

This is an awesome hunting game that can be used for hunting deer. However, there are more than 100 animals that will be up for hunting in the game. This is sheer entertainment where you would be able to know the shooting skills.

  1. Dead Space

This is a game from the Electronic Arts and is known for the horror effect. There will be plenty of zombies and the space will be chilled with their presence. The Alien virus would be responsible for all these. This is a great survival game known for the weapons and the graphics.

  1. Asphalt 8

You can Race with all power and energy in Asphalt 8. You will have different car brands with premium exterior and stunts. You can barrel roll, fly and wreck others in minutes within minutes to make an impact in the game.

  1. Walking Dead: The Game

This is an awesome game that can make your life enthralling and entertaining. You will be in a city which has been overrun by the zombies. You have save an orphan Clementine while playing as Lee Everett. This 5 episode gaming gives options like saving the group, meeting new people and many more.

  1. Blood and Glory: Legend

The Blood and Glory is an awesome game if you love action. Live the life of a Gladiator in the Roman era with the exact feel. You will get the sound of the audience and the people all around. You can spill the blood of the enemies and become a legend by defeating others. This is a game that make you feel warrior and proud.

  1. Deus Ex: The Fall

Solve the conspiracy and the mystery to take your gaming experience in another level. The Deus Ex is set in the time of 2027. There are many scientific and technological advances in the game and it will make you feel chilled to uncover or crack the mystery.

  1. NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

This is a game of another level. It is set up in a situation where the men return to earth in war torn condition. It has already been transformed and one needs to team up to finish the enemies. You can invite friends and communicate in voice chat that too in real time to defeat the enemies. You can use vehicles and various weapons.

  1. Republique

You will be a savior and a man who does not only protect a woman but also set her free from a mysterious country. You have to set her free by guiding her who will be trapped inside the state. You have to hack the system of the nation in order to make her free. You can also get 3 additional installations for free with the first episode.

The HD Games are best for those people who do not only love gaming but also live in it. This can be wonderful gaming experience that can make your life happy and relaxed. It also needs brain to win the games and make the most from your IOS and Android Mobile.



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