15 Creepy Horror Movies Based On True Stories

Horror movies seem to be more horror when you know that these are based on true stories. There are some horror movies which you love to watch while curling up in the bed and shout on the creepy and terrifying scenes with the popcorns and some beer. But all your fear turns on when you come to know that the movie you are watching is based on reality. Yes this would definitely add to your terror and it won’t let you sleep well on night..

So love horror movies based on true stories? Here is the list of top 15 best creepy horror films that are based on real stories and you should add them to your watch list:


  1. From Hell:

    from hell is one of the most horrifying and creepy movies that is based on the true story. This story is taken from the graphic novel that was written by Alan Moore. The movie features Johnny Depp who plays a role of investigator in the film who investigates the cases of the mutilated killed women in London by Jack the Ripper. The case of Jack the Ripper has not been solved yet. Jack has been dead but his story and cases still scares the people all across the world.

  2. Dahmer:

    Dahmer is another scary and creepy film that was released in America in the year of 2002. This film is based on the true story of the serial killer named Jeffery Dahmer who killed as many as 20 men and preserved their body parts in his freezer. He conducts experiments on his victims before killing them. He killed one man in Bath while 16 men in the metropolitan area areas. He blamed his actions to the unconditional and sudden divorce of his parents in his childhood.

  3. The Possession:

    it is a supernatural horror film that revolves around the young girl who picked a box in the frugality store. After that the behavior of the young girl started to be scarier and her parents think this is because of the effect of their divorce on her. This film is based on true story and the owner was that box was the evil spirit and the girl was being obsessed by that spirit. The screening of the film makes it too scary.

  4. The Zodiac Killer:

    it is also another horror film that is based on the true story of the serial killer who named himself the ‘zodiac’. He terrorized many people of San Francisco during the year of 1960s and 1970s and also killed a bunch of them. And he was then captured in the media and he was proud of his crimes that can strike fear into the hearts of many people.

  5. Shadow People:

    imagine going to bed and not to wake up. This is exactly what the film Shadow people revolves around. Shadow people is an American film that was released on big screen in the year of 2013 which features Dallas Roberts and Alison Eastwood. This movie is based on the unexplained phenomenon of Nocturnal death Syndrome, often people called this as Shadow people who are responsible for the death of people while they are asleep.

  6. The Haunting in Connecticut:

    it is also an American psychological horror film and is belonged to the person named Carmen Snedeker and her family who moved to a new house having some spiritual and paranormal powers. This story is true about the person named as Carmen who had a house over a funeral parlor and so were inferred with scary ghosts and creepy dead.

  7. Hard Candy:

    it is a crime thriller film that focusses on the torture of assumed sexual predator by a 14 year old female vigilante. The movie features the Japanese girls who tempt businessman into the private place and then robe them. This film is based on real story that how a 14 year old girl initiate such violence and terror.

  8. Deranged:

    it is a Canadian horror film that is based on the life on Ed Gein who has the obsessive fascination with death and corpses. The girl was raised up by the religious mother who filled the hatred against women in the girl. The girl then began to be fond of digging the graves of women and used their bodies as home décor. Her interest goes beyond the dead themselves, and then she became a serial killer. This film is way too scary than the plot.

  9. Audrey Rose:

    it is also a psychological horror film that is also based on the true creepy story. The film is oldest film and was released in the year of 1977. This movie centers around the family and their daughter who is obsessed by ghost namely Audrey Rose. The film is very interesting yet horror at the same time.

  10. The Shining:

    this film is based on the story that revolves around the hotel named Stanley Hotel that is located in Estes Park, Colorado. The hotel has been reported to be obsessed by the paranormal activity and supernatural power and people have noticed the activities of no one in the hotel like hearing loud music at odd times, dancing and doing conversations with each other. This film is very creepy and definitely do not lead you to sleep alone.

  11. The Amityville Horror:

    it is another horror and terrifying film that is based on the novel written on the true story. It is based on the events that took place at the new house owned by Lutz family at the Ocean Avenue in Amityville. After moving to that house, six members of the family were committed murdered in the year of 1974.

  12. The Exorcism of Emily Rose:

    it is also an American film that is based on reality and on the life of Anneliese Michel. The girl was believed to be possessed by demons in the years back in1970. In the movie, Anneliese Michel was also recorded around the real life exorcism.

  13. An American Haunting:

    it is an American film that is written by Courtney Solomon. It is based on the Bell Witch family hauntings that took place in the 1800s. Some family members of the Bell died due to unexplained reasons and poltergeist activity.

  14. Eaten Alive:

    it is not a horror film but a TV special that aired on Discovery Channel. The Eaten Alive is based on the man called Joe Ball who killed almost 20 women and enjoyed them being eaten by the alligators in front of him. It is creepy yet scary that how a man can do this.

  15. The Exorcist:

    another horror and scary film that is based on the life of boy named Roland Doe. The film is based on supernatural theory that a boy became possessed by demons. The creepy exorcism was so scary that several books have been written on the people who have observed all the situations. This story definitely will give you goosebumps all for existent terrifying explanations.


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