How to Access The Blocked Websites in a Network

You often come across situations when some specific websites remain blocked due to various reasons by organizations. But you may feel the need of using those websites. But normally you can’t access those and you should not. However, if you are ready to take the additional risks of violation then you have certain options to access those. Here are the different methods to access and unblock the blocked websites.


Use a Proxy

The proxy is the best option to access a blocked website. There are many free proxies available and you need no technical excellence to use it. Proxy Servers basically communicate with the blocked websites with its own domain and thus help you to unblock the same. Your server will recognize the proxy server for use rather than the blocked website. Thus, there is no risk involved in accessing the website. This is a proven method for unblocking the blocked websites. You directly connect with the Proxy so as to use the internet. You can configure the Proxy Settings in your web browser in the Networks to use the blocked services as well. This is the most common and used methods for unblocking the websites in daily life.


Use Translator service

There are many Translators available on the internet and you can use them to unblock the blocked websites. The aptest translator for this service is the Microsoft Translator. You can directly open the Microsoft Translator and then type the blocked website you want to access. You have to set the translator service as Auto detect and set the translation as English to English. Once you click on the search option the translated version of the website comes up. This is the same website and you can use it as it is. However, it will be translated and will not be blocked. You can use the other translators as well. But the Microsoft Translator is the most effective one.


Use Virtual Public Network

This is the most effective and secures method to unblock the blocked websites. Virtual Public Network is a virtual server situated on some different location. It can be stimulated and used at any point of time to access any website. You need not use the server you are using to access the blocked websites. However, you can just ping the VPN and then use the VPN to use the blocked websites. By this way, you can simply unblock the blocked websites.


Convert to short URL

This might be a tactical move to access a blocked website. The intended URL may be blocked by the network. However, if you convert the URL to shorter format then there will be no problem in using it. But if the network blocks the short URL as well then you might not be able to bypass the settings.


These are the most common and useful methods to access and unblock any website that is blocked in any network. You will have no limitations and problem while using the websites.


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