How To Increase PC Speed Using SSD

Speed is an important aspect of the PC or laptop. Everyone tries to enhance the speed with lots of optimization and changes. Similarly, SSD or Solid State Drive is a useful option to increase the speed of the PC. The speed is determined by the effective memory management and SSD is master of that. The older magnetic hard drives often reduced the speed of the system and SSD earlier was a costly affair. It was not fully supported by the Windows XP and Windows Vista. However, now the costs of the SSD drives have significantly reduced and Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 fully support the SSD. You might be interested to know that how it increases the speed of the system, then here it is.

Install Windows on your SSD

The storage capacity of the SSD drives are more and that is why it is pretty easy to install the Windows on your SSD drive. Unlike the magnetic drives the SSD is made up of Semiconductor and hence the memory management, is better and the speed is more. The booting of Windows is very fast and that makes the system faster. As the operating system can run faster on the SSD drives, the applications that are stored in SSD drive runs equally faster. This is one of the best options to increase the speed of the computer.


Optimization of the System

There are many ways to optimize the system on SSD in order to enhance the speed.


Superfetch and Prefetch

These are the two cache options that were very useful in magnetic drives. However, in SSD drives, it is not that useful and does not contribute much to the speed. You can go to the Registry Edit or Regedit of the Windows and disable them. It will free up space and make your system faster.



If you are used to defragment your magnetic hard drive then forget about it in case of SSD. It actually decreases the speed of the SSD drive. Even if you are running your system on both HDD and SSD then you can defragment the first one and leave the later.



We often see the use of the Hibernation in HDD in case of the Windows shut down. Well, there is no need of that in case of SSD. You can disable the option to free up space and increase the speed of the system.


Windows Search

The Windows Search takes a lot of space for SSD and that considerably decreases the speed. If you do not need the Search opinion in SSD then you can disable it for better speed.


SSD as cache

If you are already booting your windows on HDD and your SSD has not much storage space then you can use it as cache and increase the speed. The flash memory can be very useful for the speed and performance of the system.


SSD is one of the biggest assets that one can have in the system. It doesn’t only increase the speed of the system but also improve the overall performance.


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