How to Lock Apps & Media Files with AppLock

Privacy has always been considered an important thing in today’s world of smart phones. Privacy mean to hiding personal and important files, apps and pictures so that only a person with certain access verification material like password, pattern or personal identification number would be able to see these files.


In today’s smart phone world, most of the space is covered by android or apple phones. Privacy has been provided in both of these smartphones. In android the most popular way of getting certain apps locked is by installing an app named Applock from google play store. For the same purpose apple developers have provided apple store with an app called Vault.

Locking apps using App lock – Download

Applock is an android application, available on android google play store, free to install. This app helps android users to lock certain apps. Which means that these apps will open only by verification of password or pattern. This has gained much popularity because it provides fully functional privacy

Following are the steps that are included:-

  • Go to google play store.
  • Search for Applock or browse categories.
  • Click on Install.
  • Open it and make profiles according to your preferences.
  • Select apps for specifically created profiles and set up password (recommended).
  • Activate your required profile.
  • Now you can test!

Locking files using Gallery vault

“Gallery Lock” is an application available with a free version on android google play store for hiding and locking the private files including documents, pictures and other media files. Gallery lock is the best application to provide privacy and this is reason for its popularity.

Gallery lock has following main features:-

Main Features
• Gallery lock has the functionality to hide photos and videos (shown after verification)
• Gallery lock supports stealth mode: this functionalityhides a launch icon for application.
• Feature of Watchdog: After 3rd failed password attempt, mobile camera takes photo of intruder.
• One would be able to share pictures.
• Backup of app data will be uploaded on Dropbox and Box.

Gallery lock does not have some specific process for working just a simple install to device would be enough. Install and run the application, verify the password and add files to the gallery lock to hide them. These files would not be visible normally. One must go to gallery lock app to access the hidden/locked files. More over if there is an intruder who insert the wrong password in three tries, watch dog feature would take pictures and record them to show you. This feature has made it very unique and popular.

Cloud and back up

Gallery lock provides an impressive facility of centralizing the locked files. Accessing of data has become very efficient due to cloud. Backing up of data is also a great feature of gallery lock.

If you have any further problem, you can post it in comments section in the google play store. All you need to do this is just to have a google account.


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