How To Mirror Android Screen to PC

The mobile phone has become one of the most significant parts of life. With the advancement of technology, the Android is taking the center stage and there is hardly anything left that you cannot do with your mobile. You may encounter problems when you want to present something from your phone, but you can overcome it with something called mirroring of the android with the PC. If you can mirror your android with your PC then it is not a difficult task to do anything. There are many ways that can be used to mirror the Android phone with the PC. However, the usage and the implementation of the mirroring may differ from person to person.


VNC (Virtual Network Computing)

This is one of the technical solutions to the mirroring of Android with the PC. The system has to be however rooted in order to achieve that. This is a client procedure and you might need the expertise to use this for mirroring. However, if the device and the phone both are in the same network then VNC might get bit simplified. For this you need a VNC Server on your phone, you can get that from Google Play very easily and install it in the system. You will require a client VNC in the desktop or laptop. The client is available for both Windows and Mac users. You can open the client VNC and dial the IP address of the phone, you will see a notification in your phone for accept and reject provided they are on the same network. Once you accept it that will be done.

Mobile Apps

There are many apps available in the Google Play Store that can help you to address the problem. The mobile apps help the android phone to mirror with the PC and can project with the same. Now, there are apps that say that the mirroring is done when both the device are connected through a network. However, it is not necessary sometimes with the apps. Apps even can start mirroring without an established network. There are many such apps available and these can be extremely helpful to achieve the same. Few of the popular mobile apps available for mirroring are Mirror Beta, Roku Screen Monitoring, and others.

Useful utilities

There are many other useful utilities that can be extremely helpful for the mirroring if you do not want to go for all above these. There are very popular utilities like Droid@screen, Android Screencast, Android Screen Monitor and others. They do not any internet connection to mirror the phone with the desktop. There is no need to buy software as well. It is commonly used in the teaching, training or even for demonstration purpose.

There are many simple methods as well, that can be used to mirror the Android device with the PC or desktop. You can use USB cable to connect to the PC and mirror the files. There are other options as well like buying hardware screen projector if the projection is the prime reason for mirroring.



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