How to Transfer Files Between PC and Mobile without USB Cable

It is not very hard to transfer files between PC and Android mobile. One can easily do that with the help of the USB Cable. However, what if the USB cable is not present and you have to go wireless to transfer the files. Well, that does not sound weird at all and is quite achievable to transfer the files wirelessly. You have multiple options to do that eventually and it is up to the requirement and amount of files you want to transfer.


If you have fewer amounts of data, then you can always go for the Bluetooth. Every Smartphone comes with Bluetooth and the laptop now days are also coming with Bluetooth. All you have to do is to connect both the devices with the Bluetooth and start sharing the files vice versa. This is ideal for the data that are less in amount. This might be a technology of yesterday but it is absolutely safe and still find its relevance in the smart devices.


There are many apps available for transferring files between PC and Android Mobile. The majorities of the apps are free and thus can be used without paying anything. All you have to do is to download the app and establish a secure connection with the PC and you are done with the process. However, the working methodology of the apps may differ. Some of the apps are based on the logical address and generate IP that is used by the PC to access the files. However, sometimes you need to install the files both at the mobile device and in the PC. However, there are few apps that work fine with only mobile installation. This method is safe and very easy. You can transfer files very fast and there is no risk of the potential of data loss.

Cloud Services

Free Cloud services like DropBox or Google Drive can also be used for the same purpose. You can just drop your file at the DropBox or Drive from mobile and then can be simply picked from the PC. This is one of the most trending and advanced technology in the recent times. If you are looking for a solid method to transfer files with no data loss risk, then it is one of them. However, it may consume more time than others due to repetitive actions. One needs to drop the files first in order to receive it.


This is probably the easiest and most common methods for transferring the files. Email can be used for sending any files including media files from your mobile as well. You can simply click the send button attaching the files concerned and open it from the mobile device. If you want you can download the files and use it in your PC.

These methods can be very easily used by the users and customers to make sure the transferring of files between PC and android mobile device. The methods are dependent on the circumstances and the data transfer purpose.


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