How To Undo A Sent Email from The Gmail Account

Gmail is the most used email facilities in the world. Plenty of people sending mails through Gmail, but there are specific scenarios that cannot be avoided. You may accidentally hit the send button even before completing it. You can also reply all the answer even though you did not intend to do it. What could be the options for you to recall the sent mail? We know that we have an option call Recall in Outlook but do we have any such thing in Gmail? Yes, if you hit the send button then you have other options too. That is not of course the end of the road. You get the window of some seconds before recalling it from beings sent. Do you how to do it? If you don’t then here are the steps to do it.

Set the Gmail Lab Settings

You first need to activate the settings from the Gmail Lab before using it. All you need to do is to click the gear sign at the right top of the screen. Once you will click it, you will get a drop down with multiple options. You need to select the settings options.

When you open the settings, you get multiple options in a horizontal tab. You can find the Labs at the third from the last position. You get the options there at the Labs Settings.

Enable the Undo Send Option

Once you reach the Labs Settings of the Gmail you will get a table for action. You can find the second opinion of the table as Undo Sent. You could see two corresponding radio buttons for Enable and Disable. All you have to do is to select the enable option and you are set for the action.


Undo a Sent Mail

Now, you can come back to compose a mail in the Gmail. Once you will hit the send button, you would get a pop up message at the top of the screen as your message has been sent. You generally get View the message option associated with it. But now you will get an Undo option as well. All you have to do is to click the undo button and the Gmail will reopen again. You can then simply click the Unsent button to recall it from the outbox. However, by default you get 10 seconds of time to recall the message. But you can change the time as well.

How to change the time for unsent

You can simply go to the Settings and navigate to General from the horizontal tab. You can select the Undo Sent option and then select a cancelation time for 30 seconds. This will ensure that you get 30 seconds of time to recall a sent message from your Gmail Account.

Gmail has many options that can be used for the benefits. Gmail interface was changed in 2010 and many similar features along with the undo sent option. This is an effective feature that can actually make sure that you do not get into a trouble even if you have accidentally hit the send button.


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