Indian Special Armed Forces That Is Best In The World

India is the 7th largest country in the world and has great reputation of being one of the strongest as well. When we talk about strong country that means the country is strong enough in both armed forces and economy. You might have no idea but Indian Armed Forces are way beyond the Military and Para Military Forces and there are many such Special Forces that are really best among the world and you should be proud of that. So here are the 9 best Indian Special Armed Forces that you should be proud of.


They are the Marine Commandos especially created by the Indian Navy in 1987. They are heavily trained for counter terrorism activities and others. Even though they can act at any place but they have expertise on the Maritime Environment. They are often termed as Bearded Army by people due to their disguise.

  1. Para Commandos

The Para Commandos are one of the oldest airborne regiments of the world. It was established in 1966 and the dedicated parachute Special Force is known to attack the enemy from the back to destroy the first line of defense from as they get dropped from parachute.

  1. Ghatak Force

This is one of the special force of Indian Army. The Infantry Forces are trained differently and they always go for the kill. This Special Force is known for their huge abilities and can change the situation of war any point of time.

  1. COBRA

It is the Special Force created by the CRPF (Central Reserve Para Military Force) for countering Naxals in India. The Commando Battalion for Resolute Action or COBRA is known for their Guerrilla War tactics. They are given special training and they have already dealing with the Naxals with strong hands.

  1. Force One

This has been recently created for the City of Mumbai for counter Terrorism. The Forced One is highly responsive and always on alert. They can start the operation against any kind of terrorism within 15 minutes. This was created after the 26/11.

  1. Special Frontier Force

This was created for the Chinese Border in 1962, but it was never used for the same purpose. This is one of the very secret Special Forces. The force works for RAW and directly reports to Prime Minister. It is said that sometimes the Army remains unaware of their moves.

  1. Garud Commando Force

They are special force of Indian Air force. They have been trained for the extreme conditions to protect the Air force base and camps. They can fight even in extreme conditions and in land and in air.

  1. National Security Guard

The National Security Guard more commonly known as NSG is counter terrorism forces in India. They deal with only terrorism and are highly trained and able. No can forgot their heroics in 26/11 when they killed the terrorists in Mumbai.

  1. The Special Protection Group

They are the people who have proven track records of excellence. They are mainly appointed as the security for the government like Prime Minister and other important personalities and their immediate relatives. They are also entrusted with the security of the Ex-Prime Ministers. They have been highly trained and only selective people go to the Special Protection Group. This was done after the assassination of Late Rajiv Gandhi.

The forces are continuously fighting for the country and making sure that we are safe and secure.


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