Top 10 Most Insane Foods Around The World

Have you ever tried the cobra blood for a drink? Or some dead baby mice infused in the wine? Surely not. But there are some people in the world who like to have the adventurous foods. With the increase in population and technology, people also start getting innovative with the things. When it comes to food, many people have introduced their creativity and the weirdness in the plates. International cuisines have repulsion to foreigners. So they always try to discover some unique and disgusting foods that might not be liked by the foreigners and the immigrants. The people of America do not like the UK’s hot dogs whereas some cuisines of USA are not liked by the people of UK.

Here is the list of top 10 most insane foods in the world that are popular among the specific class of people. If you dare, try them!

Head Cheese of Europe: head cheese of Europe or simply Head Cheese is the one of the insane food that was originated from Europe. It is the dish in which the head of the animals like cow, pig, and sheep are cleaned and then pickled by vinegar by adding the spices. And then cooked in the stock so that the flesh can be separated from the bones. Then the meat is molded in the loaf and often flavored with the onion, black pepper, bay leaf, salt and vinegar and is usually eaten at the room temperature.

Pastilla of Morocco: it is a type of a meat pie that is also referred to as Bastilla. It is a traditional dish of Morocco in which pigeon meat is used. But chicken or lamb is also used instead of   pigeon meat. It is a pie which is a combination of sweet and salty flavors with the meat stuffed in the dough which is cooked in spices and left for one day. Then it is baked with the lots of butter and some sugar sprinkled on it. This Pastilla can also be made with the fish or sea foods.

Huitlacoche of Mexico: also known as the corn smut is the Mexican Ruffle that is one of the insane foods ever made. The dish actually develops when the huitlacoche, a fungus that develops on untreated corn after the rain. The reason of its popularity is its nutritional value. The fungus changes the nutritional value of the corn. The smut contains more proteins and the lysine and thus it alters the corn cob’s nutrition.

Squirrel Brain of America: this dish is popular in the countries of America like South America. But researchers have shown that eating the brains of the squirrels is not so safe for humans as it causes the deadly diseases. The disease called the Mad Cow disease and in this disease, the brain causes the holes in the brain tissues and eventually causes the death of the host. For making the squirrel brains, the squirrels are hunted alive for their dinner and they enjoy the dish like gooey sample from the brains of the little individuals.

Sannakji of South Korea: Sannakji is the variety of hoe in the raw dish that is extremely famous in the Korean cuisine. Sannakji are the fresh tentacles that are removed from the octopus living in the freshwater. Special care should be taken while eating the dish as the arm pieces are still active when the dish is served. The living pieces can cause the choking hazard as the cups can cling in the mouth. The baby octopus usually comes seasoned with the sesame and sesame oil.

Testicles of the World: the dish is made with the testicles of the lambs, calves or other animals and is famous in the various parts of the world. In Iceland, the people like the pickled ram testicles which are molded into blocks when served and hive the tangy taste. These are also cooked in the variety of ways. Besides in Iceland, the testicales are equally popular in the countries like Japan, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and United States.

Fruit Bats of Indonesia et al.: bats have been used as medicine or as the treatment therapy for various diseases since the ancient times. Indonesia is also a place where these Fruit Bats are eaten as the part of their daily meal. They are also been eaten in the countries like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Guam. Soup, stews and curries are the major dishes that are being prepared and eaten in such countries.

Giant (Poison) Bullfrog of Namibia: the delicacy of the Africa is Giant (Poison) Bullfrog of Namibia that is eaten and enjoyed by the people of Africa as a part of their meal. The Bullfrogs contains the poison so the cookware is firstly lined by the wood when you plan to cook them. The disease caused by the utilization of the Bullfrog may be the painful urination or the kidney failure.

Escamoles of Mexico:this dish is the most commonly used in the areas of Mexico. The dish is made from the larvae and pupae of the ants that is the ancient tradition of the Mexico. They taste buttery and nutty with some rich texture of cottage cheese.

Stewed Dormice of Slovenia:

commonly referred as the Obara. It is a stew that is served as an independent meal that has the culinary traditionin the Slovenia. It is the dish made up from the plump little rodents and served with the vegetables. So this dish can also be named as the stewed rats.


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