Best Software to Batch Install and Uninstall Windows Programs

Any advanced computer user would know how painful installing a bunch of programs on a Windows based computer one by one is. Each of the programs take a remarkably longer period of time and often multiple restarts are required. After a fresh installation of Windows, batch installation of programs are very necessary. With a program that can perform batch installation, a computer user would be able to install all the apps they use by only few clicks – the rest would be done by the software.

There are plenty of software in the marketplace that can do this job. However, we have handpicked 7 and gone through their functions one by one to generate this compilation of brief reviews for you.


  1. Allmyapps

Allmyapps have a helpful interface that helps a computer user with both beginners and advanced computer users. A computer user can create a list of the software they want to install by a batch, and also define other features like install, update, or uninstall multiple programs at once. Once the list is done, the programs will be downloaded from the internet and after installation the installers will be deleted to save disk space.


  1. SpeedInstall

SpeedInstall install multiple apps very fast and reliably. The app is lightweight, doesn’t take much space on a computer’s hard drive. Initially, all the apps’ installer files will be downloaded from the internet and be put into the apps interface, installed, and the installer files with then be deleted. User gets full freedom in choosing any specific options for the whole software list, and individual selection of options for each software is possible. Options like save on local storage, search based on categories, access error reports and task log files etc. would help the advanced users locate whether any problem is going on in the computer system with apps and programs installation.


  1. Npackd

Npackd is smaller enough, once stored in a hard drive user might not even know a program is there. Yet, the operations on this software are very smooth and processes are carried out with highest level of perfection and precision possible. Most software in this category would only take the software name and they would download the installer file by themselves, but the case with Npackd is quite different. A user can provide their own installer package. If a user has the installer package file in their computer, they could just be added into the software interface without trouble.


  1. Ninite

In Ninite, the software list is limited and can’t get beyond the limit capacity. However, Ninite happens to be a very useful software because the smaller list of installable software are in fact very useful and most users would need those programs in the list. Ninite works from web and computer – user can work on any interface they feel comfortable on. Upon generation of the list, the web based interface will generate the installer package.


  1. Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller can remove any program, or a batch of programs from a computer system’s local storage without taking much resource, user interaction or time. The software would only ask for the list of software and the task would be done pretty soon. Absolute Uninstaller deletes all the program by cleaning the files off from their local directory address, and after the initial cleaning process is done the registry entries for the respective files will be cleaned as well. And the last step in the process is to get rid of any leftover file left in the system.


  1. IOBit Uninstaller

Uninstallation of any program or software could be done by IOBit Uninstaller. There’s no specific line drawn for IOBit Uninstaller to follow or not cross, because when it comes to aggressive uninstallation the IOBit Uninstaller software would certainly cross all the lines. If you are annoyed with any persistent Windows software in your system, engaging IOBit Uninstaller to delete that program is the only option you have left since all other similar programs would fail doing this job. Apart from the program uninstaller, IOBit Uninstaller is a plugin monitor, toolbar agent and file shredder at the same time.


  1. Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller was developed with the intention of uninstalling a number of multiple programs, software and apps at once. However as the software had grown over time, it now has the capacity to monitor a real-time app handling process, quick installation of apps so it’s an installer as well, backup tool for keeping important files backed up in a safe custody, logger etc. Taking the registry in its hand to tweak the entries and cleaning a software’s leftovers is another job Revo Uninstaller is very good at.



With the above mentioned programs, batch installation and uninstallation of programs in a computer could very easily done. This way, time and effort both would be saved by a greater amount than doing the whole job manually, one by one.


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