Top 5 Interesting and Funny Websites

Today, the World Wide Web provides great assistance to almost all individuals all over the world. Almost all the things that people might need are already available on the web. Can you believe on that? Foods, important information, videos, stores, name it and the online world surely has it. In fact, a lot of people nowadays may not be able to survive anymore without the presence of the internet.

Needless to say, the online world is bombarded with hundreds or thousands of sites that can offer a lot of things to the people. There are those that will help you find your soul mate, and these are the commonly called as dating sites. There are also those where you can search for important information, especially if you are doing for school assignments or researches. Even so, do you know that there are lots of websites nowadays that may be weird enough and funny?

Yes, you read it right. Here are 5 interesting and funny websites that you should try visiting:

  1. – This site will absolutely give you so much fun, especially if you are fond of surprises. If you want to participate in this particular website, you will need to pay for $10. After paying, the website will randomly select an item from their inventory and send it to you. This is now the highlight of joining this site. You don’t know what this item is, until you open the package. The shipping fee is free for US citizens.
  2. – This site has something to do with flash animation, and it was launched in the virtual world way back in the year 1999. The overall concept of the site is really something that makes you laugh. It has a long introductory part which leads you to nowhere. When you visit the site, you will be welcomed with a black page with a very colorful title.
  3. – This is actually a personal web page created by Gene Ray, who is also called as Otis Eugene Ray. It was created way back in the year 1997. The site makes use of both abusive and formal language. In this site, the Time Cube is the model of reality based on the idea of the creator. The creator of this site said that the entire concept of modern physics is nothing but a wrong one.
  4. – This website is really standing on its name “useless”. However, don’t take it in general. There might be something that this website can offer to you. What this site can give to you is a list of funny and weird websites that may be helpful for you or not. Some of the sites included on their list are nothing, and others will surely give you some great moments.
  5. – This website is absolutely a funny and weird one. Upon entering into the site, what will welcome you is a black long image that is shaking and bending its body. Out of the silliness of the image and the site, you can surely do nothing but laugh.


These are 5 of the funny, weird, and interesting websites that you must try visiting. Once you visit them, you will definitely know how weird they are.


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