10 Interesting Facts About Kerala

Kerala, nicknamed as ‘God’s Own Country’, is the southernmost state in India. The language of Kerala is Malayalam and the people of Kerala are called Malayalees. Onam is the state festival of Kerala. The named Kerala, or Keralam in Malayalam, is derived from the world ‘kera’ which means coconut. Kerala is the land of coconuts. Blessed with nature’s bounty, it is a tropical paradise. Here are some amazing mind blowing facts about Kerala.


  1. Paradise of natural beauty

Kerala is termed as the tropical paradise of India. It possesses a mesmerizing beauty. Kerala has been blessed with nature’s beauty more than all other states of India. With its unique geographical feature, backwaters, lakes, lush greenery, lofty mountains, sun kissed beaches, paddy fields and exotic wildlife, Kerala has attracted nature lovers across the globe.


  1. Elephants and Kerala

Elephants have been an integral part of Kerala’s culture since early days. Kerala is the state with the most domesticated number of elephants. Moreover, elephants have been honored with a place in the emblem of Kerala. Elephants are associated with the Divine and are used in the temple festivals. No other place would have 30 elephants standing amongst hundreds of drummers standing amongst thousands of people.


  1. Highest female to male ratio

Kerala is the state with the highest female to male ratio in India. The overall sex ration in Kerala is 1084 females to 1000 males.


  1. Highest literacy rate

Kerala is the first state in India that has attained 100% literacy rate. It remains the highest literate state in India. Kerala takes steps to educate each of its indweller.


  1. Highest life expectancy

Kerala is the state with the highest life expectancy amongst all the states in India. It is because of the healthy and well balanced nutrition of the people in Kerala.


  1. Mustache Lovers

Kerala is the place where you can find the largest number of men with thick and abundant mustache. Many people of Kerala consider mustache as a sign of strength, valiance, vigor and of course glamour.


  1. Gold in Kerala

No one knows the overall amount of Gold owned by the temples and the households of Kerala. Traditional Kerala brides wear so much of gold on their wedding day that it wouldn’t be surprising if one thinks the bride would fall due to the weight of the gold. An NYT feature reports: “Kerala gobbles up 20 percent of the country’s gold every year, and the World Gold Council estimates that India, the largest consumer of gold in the world, consumes 30 percent of the global supply.”


  1. Ayurveda

Kerala is the only state in India where Ayurveda still remains a main stream medicine. Kerala, being a tropical paradise, is rich in medicinal plants and natural treatments. There are a number of Ayurvedic colleges and hospitals.


  1. Teak in Kerala

Kerala has the world’s largest and longest teak trees. World’s first teak plantation was started in Kerala by the British. The first Teak Museum in the world is situated in Nilambur, Kerala and it is the only one in India.


  1. Food

The most loved food of the people of Kerala is the ‘kappa + meen curry’ combination, that is ‘tapioca + fish curry’. A common and the most preferred place of food for the people of Kerala is are the ‘Thattukada’ which are small road side food stalls serving delicious food to the travelers.


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