10 Best Interesting Reddit Communities

Just in case you don’t know, Reddit is actually a news website and a networking service that has something to do with social news and entertainments. One great thing about Reddit is the fact registered users can be able to send contents on the site just like direct links and text posts. It is something that will function just like a bulletin board system on the web. This site has already helped a lot of people, especially those who are bored on their spare times. It is all thanks to the communities this site has. In this regard, here are 10 interesting Reddit communities to get lost in:

  1. WritingPrompts – This is a Reddit community developed by redditors who have intense passion in writing. The stories featured in this community are too interesting for you to ignore. If you want to read bizarre stories, then you can definitely do so with WritingPrompts. The most interesting stories here will acquire more numbers of followers.


  1. PhotoshopBattles – People who are fond of editing pictures or the so-called “photoshopping” can definitely find great pleasure in their spare times with the help of this Reddit community. Photoshopped images making them crazier to look at are packed in this subreddit. Your creative nature will surely be unleashed here. Photoshoppers in the world are the members in this community.


  1. EducationalGIFs – This is a Reddit community that features the GIFs submitted by the members. These GIFs have something to do with several topics like how a human body works or how engineering marvels function. It is in this community that you can find a number of clippings taken from documentaries, which are then edited to only showcase the important parts. What you will enjoy here is the immediate response for participation done by the other members, making the discussion spontaneous.


  1. LifeProTips – Getting smarter in life would be easy through this Reddit community. It features some important tips in life that you can use in everyday living. The tips could be about child-minding tricks, technology, personal finance and a lot more. What is great about it is the fact that its offered tips are not just ordinary ones or the simple ones. Instead, it has broad tips that will help you become expert in properly dealing with complicated things in life.


  1. TodayILearned – Learning a lot of new things every single day can be possible through TodayILearned Reddit community. It is packed with a number of interesting articles that will give you knowledge on uncommon things like events, people and the like. You can definitely know more about the compositions of the world as you go visit this subreddit regularly. You can then use these learnings later on, like when you are on a date or group gatherings.


  1. Astrophotography – People who are very interested about astronomy can surely find this community interesting enough. It is packed with a number of images of astronomical bodies like comets, planets, nebulae, asteroids, and stars. These photos are taken with the usage of extremely expensive equipments such as telescopes that are sold from $150 up to $15,000. If you don’t want to spend money for these equipments but you still very eager to see firsthand astronomical photos, then this Reddit community is the perfect one to visit.


  1. DataIsBeautiful – Data visualization is the thing involved in this Reddit community. It features maps, charts, and statistics. All the things being quantified are the ones that should be submitted by the members here. Bar trivia hoarders and stats nerds will surely love the existence of this community.


  1. ChangeMyView – This community will certainly require the participations of every member. You can write your views or opinions about a certain topic in life here, and the other members will also reply on your views, no matter if they agree or not. This would be a very advantageous thing on your part since you will learn a lot from the other people. If you believe on something that is wrong, then you can immediately change your views, thanks to other members who are willing to teach you something.


  1. LearnUselessTalents – The things that you will learn here are actually not that useless. It is just that these things can be used for fun. In other words, you will be incorporating the things that you learn and some tactics so that you can share these to other people while you are both having fun. You are just like breaking the ice here.


  1. IfYouLikeBlank – You can definitely know more about the things that make you enjoy the most through this Reddit community. The members here can recommend you best options when it comes to music, movies, books and some other stuff that can stir the interest within yourself.


These are the 10 interesting Reddit communities to get lost in, especially when you have nothing to do. Without a doubt, these communities can offer you something.




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