Top 10 Best iPhone 6s Bumper Cases

Apple has the reputation of making durable and very quality handsets. Even though the iPhone you use is claimed to be durable but from the exterior quality prospective, it is not so durable. However, we can always use the different technologies to protect and enhance the durability of the iPhone. It is true that iPhone looks extremely appealing and the Apple Bumper cases protect the charm of the handset. These bumper cases are known providing the added security and protection to the phone and thus make it stronger than ever.

  1. Adopted Frame Case

This is one of the most required bumper cases for the iPhone to give it overall protection. The frame case is made anodized, precision milled aluminum and Saddle Leather Panels for the iPhone 6. You can get multiple variants of the color to be fitted. However, the color of the frame case goes with the color of the phone. The frame case of iPhone is available in the range of #33.95.

  1. Verus Case Iron

This bumper case is very strong and provides high degree of protection. The diamond cut edges on the high grade aluminum at the outer edge gives super quality protection to your iPhone. This is an anodized product and has a soft inner layer. This is provided to give the contact between the phone and the metal. There are six colors available for the same. You can avail it within the range of $34.99.

  1. X Doria Defense Gear

This is more for the accidental drop of the phone. It is made of up strong metal that helps to protect the outside edge of the phone. However, the inner layers protect the phone from any kind of shock. The attractive and cool anodized designs of the bumper cases are available for iPhone 6 and are available in the range of $39.99.

  1. X Doria Bump Gear Plus

If you are not satisfied with the overall protection of the iPhone, then this bumper case is one of the best options you have. This is made up of high degree of metal that protects the phone from every shock and accidental drops. However, this is not the end for the bumper case. The case also gives protection the keys and to the volume control as well. Thus it is one of the best in the industry for high range of features and quality material. This is available for the range of $34.99.

  1. Case mate Tough Frame iPhone 6s Bumper Case

This is one of the best options you have in terms of all aspects. It gives you high degree of protection and that too in the range of $13.00. The affordability is the best part of the case with adequate strength and protection. The cases are available in multiple colors and style with tough frames. It gives all the protection you want to your iPhone.

  1. Grovemade Walnut iPhone 6S Bumper

This is specifically designed for the iPhone 6 and is known for high quality and beautiful design. This is known for the superb designing and is made of wooden cases. This does not only give the phone high protection but also makes it look very interesting and unique. It is a handmade bumper case and is best from all aspects. It is available in the range of $59.00.

  1. Tech21 Evo Band Case

This case is known as one of the best cases for iPhone. The case is designed with security and protection in mind. However, if the phone is dropped, then it will not be harmed. It absorbs the energy from any kind of bump and makes sure that it dissipates it. It makes sure that the iPhone is safe. It is available in the range of $34.95.

  1. Rhinoshield

It may be light in weight but the protection it offers to your iPhone is very high in degree. It is made of strong metal that gives the strength to absorb the shock along with the rubber line inside. Your iPhone 6 will be protected from damage. It is available in the range of $24.99.

  1. Vesel Premium iPhone 6S Bumpers

This is a premium version for the iPhone 6S bumpers. There are two aspects with these cases. The first one is of course the protection and it fits the bill with strong and overall protection. The beautiful design of the cases makes it even more interesting though. It is available in many ranges and verities and editions of the users.

  1. Amzer Border Case

This bumper cases are made of polycarbonate and is very strong in nature. It gives high degree of protection. It is available in multiple colors and style with the price range of $7.95.

These bumper cases are highly popular in the market and known for the protection and beautiful design.


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