Lists of Indian People By Community

Indian community has a long history. If you go back to find the history of Indian Communities then one has to go back to the Vedic Times. This was the time when community came into existence. However, many changes and division have resulted in the long list of Indian Community. So, if you are willing to understand the Indian Community as a whole then we should start from the beginning. However, communities are further dependent on the religions. Every religion has different communities that have changed according to the practice, geographic locations and also faith. Let us start with the communities of Hinduism.


Communities under Hinduism

Ancient Times


The first mention of community was found in the Vedic Times. The community was created as per the professions of the people. There were four major community that divided the people. Brahmins, khsatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. It was purely based on the profession and interest. Brahmins used to do pujas or devotion of God. The Kshatriyas were politics and administration. Vaishyas were involved in business and Shudras were for the service of the others. Even though it was created for professions but soon it turned according to births. The mention of the communities can be found in the Indus Valley civilization. However, people prefer to call these as castes rather than communities.


Middle Age


Many emperors then ruled India and started various communities. These were also called Clans. Cholas, Mauryas, Guptas, Chauhan and so on further came into existence. By the end of the middle age, the communities in India were surging in a rapid speed. It was further increased in the contemporary time.


Contemporary Time


The communities of Hinduism grew rapidly in the contemporary time. Marathas, Gujjars, Jats, Sikhs and many more got added to the list. However, Sikhism is a different religion and has different community but they are pretty similar to Hinduism.


Communities under Islam


Islam came late to India but it expanded with rapid speed. The different communities like Lodis, Khaljis, Mughals and others soon changed the community structure of India. A new religion was thriving and people of India found their faith in Islam. If broadly seen then Shias and Sunnis are the major communities in India but like ancient Hinduism it is considered as castes rather than community. As the time passed by new communities like Pathan, Nizams, Khans make their presence in India. However, after the partition of India post British Empire, the Islam community got divided as majority of the Muslims in India decided to move to newly formed country, Pakistan.


Communities of Christianity


The largest religion of the world also made their way to India. However, soon different communities were formed. Apart from Roman Catholic, Alberian, Latin, Protestant were present in the country. With the passage of time, Orthodox, Marthoma and others made their presence in the country. Communities keep on expansion as the time progressed.


The Indian Communities have long history. However, there are different reasons for the communities to be formed. They share unique culture and have different traditions as well as per the communities.


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