How to Live Stream to Facebook Pages from Your Computer

Facebook live is one of the reliable and best apps that video broadcasting app world have ever seen. But initially, this was only possible through the Facebook official app. This means that you have to use either your smartphone camera or tablet camera in order to make a live video shootout. Now, if you are someone like me who loves to use the standard web camera that came with PC or Mac, then this article is for you.

Now, fortunately, due to the rise of many new and brilliant third party apps, it is now possible to post live videos to Facebook profiles and pages directly from our PC or Mac. Now you will be able to unleash the full power of customizations and editing instead of being restricted to the standard and small smartphone camera and basic square Facebook layout.

This article is here to guide you how.

Download the software: There are many good paid apps out there in the market. One of them includes Telestream were cast studio which is a very reliable and high-quality application but digs a $500 deep hole in your pocket. So as I was surfing and browsing the web looking for a standard and free software that takes care all of my needs, I stumbled upon this amazing software called OBS studio.

You can download the software from their official site for free:

Now even though the software comes completely free, it packs some rich and powerful features under its hood. It takes care all of our needed and basic things and that is exactly what we want.

Configure the software: After downloading and installing the OBS software, it is now time to open and configure the right settings. In order to get this done, you have to click the button on the Facebook official site that says ‘create a live stream to Facebook’. After clicking this button, it will redirect you to a page where you are asked to choose where the live stream has to appear. Now from the drop down box, you can choose your own personal timeline, your friend’s timeline, a group or a page.

After entering this detail, you will be redirected to another page that shows your stream key and server URL. Both this details are crucial in order to configure your OBS software so make sure that you keep that window open.

Now get back to our OBS software. At the bottom right corner, you will have a button that says settings. Click it. Another panel will now come up which will have stream icon on the left side. Click it too. Now a new window will appear which will ask you for the custom streaming server. Now it is time to go back to the open window and copy-paste those two fields to our window in OBS software. Make sure that you check the box for ‘user authentication’. Enter your Facebook username and password and then click save.

Now many of you might be having a second thought of giving away your Facebook username and password to a third party software. But this is the only way in which the software can get access to your timeline and make sure that the live streaming that you are doing with the software is correctly being posted on the location that you want it to be. Besides, the software is also found to be highly reliable and safe. Thousands of people have already used them and it has a high rating and feedback from the community.

After clicking save in the OBS software after filling in all the details, you will see a box which has the button that says ‘start streaming’. The button will be on the bottom right corner of the software and that is the one that wants to click. Click it and that’s it. OBS software will now initiate communication and will try to establish a connection with Facebook. Make sure that your internet connectivity is strong and fast enough for a high-quality video recording. After a couple of minutes, you will be able to see a web camera appear before you in the software.

There will be separate boxes to fill in the details such as video titles and video tags. Fill them all with necessary details.

Go live on Facebook: This is the last and final part and the one that you wanted to do without limiting yourself to the small screen of a smartphone. Click go live, and you are now live on Facebook. Smile and make a happy face because now you are being watched live by people all around the globe as you are using the Facebook live feature.

That’s it, we hope that you have all enjoyed reading our article on how to live stream Facebook from Mac or PC.


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