How To Mirror Your Android Display to PC

The interconnectivity of your Android is not a novel feature that you might have come across. But yet Mirroring you Android on a PC or Mac has few steps that really necessary to be followed. But the options are basically changing the settings on your Android and, of course, the PC and the Mac. The feature is catching popularity in offices, where the users of Android prefer getting their Androids to a bigger screen in the comfort of their laptops or computers, especially for the convenience of presentations, editing of documents and much other of the regular features in office and automation activities. The utility is also appraised by the other class of professional, by the likes of Developers who consistently has a better view of their development activities on their Androids. Moreover, there is an element of feature that supports the regular user. The option for sharing the files over the devices. The process of mirroring does reduce a lot of effort in sharing files across the devices and a new comfort through the process.

As for mirroring your Android onto a PC or Mac has a lot of evident reason for Android users who opt for the connectivity feature. The most visible users are predominantly, the developers who work Android Apps and yet many who use the feature for presentation options and much more of the utilities through the interface of your PC.

The quickest mode to get the connection going is the option on Google chrome that allows you to instantly connect to your Android through your PC or Mac. The Google app is one of the most resourceful options available for the provision since there are the best features that are implied in the best features in the apps available in the chrome store. All you need is to connect your Android to the PC using the cable or any other connectivity options. Let us have a review of how to use the Google chrome to mirror your Android device on the PC or Mac.

Step 1) Download the Google Chrome on your PC or mac.

Step2) Select and download Vysor chrome app on your Google Browser.

Step 3) Connect the USB cable.

Step4) Enable the USB debugging mode on your Android.

Step5) Get into debugging mode on your Android phone.

  • Go to Settings>About Phone
  • Scroll down the screen and tap the build numbers precisely 7 times.
  • Come back to the Settings>Developer Options on the screen
  • Scroll again and Enable USB Debugging Mode
  • Confirm action on the prompt.

Step6) Start the Vysor App from the chrome application launcher.

Step7) Select the Find Devices option and confirm on your device.

Step8) you can now see the Android screen on the screen of your PC or Mac.

Step 9) Confirm by clicking on the screen for consistency and touch on your Android. (Access limited to controls on the Android)

These are the finest methods you can mirror you Android onto your PC or Mac. Yet there are much other software that is available to get the trick done. The prospect of the process lies for the people who enjoy the application on the PC and has higher priorities to access files on the better options on PC.

There are quite of another app that has the feature integrate into the devices, but not in the comprehensive manner since the option is limited to secondary uses in these apps. There could be more resourceful applications of the service that soon been trending and useful in the times to come, especially on the app on Google.



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