How To Mirror iPhone / iPad Screen To PC

It sounds quite amazing to connect your iPhone to the PC or desktop. However, it is not so easy to do that. We know that iPhone can be connected with the Apple TV streaming with the AirPlay, but, unfortunately, there is no such support for the iDevices to mirror to the PC or desktop. The problem persists irrespective of you are mirroring to Windows or Mac. However, let us understand that there are many other ways available for the iPhone to get mirrored with the PC. It is seen that third party players play a major role in mirroring the iPhone with the desktop.


1. X Mirage

It is not possible to use the AirPlay alone to mirror the iPhone with the PC. However, the introduction of the X Mirage can make the process pretty easy and simple. As you install the X Mirage on your PC, it will make it act like AirPlay Receiver just like the Apple TV. Now the process becomes very easy for the mirroring. All you have to do is turn on the mirroring option from the AirPlay and you are done with the process. However, you need to make sure that both the devices are on same network.

2. Air Server

This is another third party app that can be very helpful for mirroring. The basic concept of the AirServer is almost the same as the X Mirage. You have to install the software in the PC to turn it to AirPlay receiver. Both software make the good use of the AirPlay and help mirroring in very quick time.

You can also use another similar software Reflector for the mirroring. It might look three different softwares but as per the performance all of them are quite good.

3. Mirror 360

This is software that has created so much hype and promise in the market for mirroring the iPhone and the PC. If you are looking for a solution that may be easy and comfortable then it is a great choice. You have to install it on the client i.e PC and then search the option from the iPhone device to connect to the PC. Once you find it and you just have to connect it and start the mirroring. The biggest plus point of the Mirroring 360 is that it supports the audio system. So, it does not matter how long the video is, you can just mirror it on your PC and enjoy it.

However, sometimes you may see that AirPlay is not visible at the Control Center. To overcome this issue, you need to know some common perquisites of the mirroring the iPhone and PC. You must always make sure that your PC also has AirPlay and that too the same version. You should work only when both the devices are in same internet network or Wi-Fi. You must also make sure about the IOS running on the devices. If you are trying to mirror the iPhone and the PC then you must have IOS 7 and higher versions in your device.


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