Best Apps to Monitor Data Usage on Android

Seeing the adverse number of users rising day by day as the users of internet over the Smartphone or we can say more precisely the Android phones and other forms of gadgets with Android working base as Tablets. The mobile data company has increased the rate of the internet different plans in order to cut larger portion of your pocket and your addiction for the phone. Streaming live videos and chatting with video calls causes much data to be used in the manner, the best way to save Data is to keep an eye over the excessive usage of internet with the special designed apps that monitor the usage of apps and warns you when the daily or weekly limit of usage exceeds.

Most of the apps available to monitor the data and to use it wisely are available for free, these apps not only helps to use the data wisely but also make you available the track record of the apps that consume most of the data. On accordance of the information make available for you, data can be managed easily as we can use less or not use at all the high data consumer apps. We have combined and enlisted the best available apps to monitor well the usage of Data over android devices, just install these apps in order to get rid of heavy phone internet bills.

Network Connections

Network connection is one of the few apps available with Data monitor role that doesn’t hamper or spy the private information of your phone. Most of the apps require root access to the networking portion of your phone in order to keep an eye over different range of activities done that uses internet. In order to manage the data you just need to open the app and click on the option available as “Start Live Capture”. The future will command different range of apps working with internet and will showcase the IP address of these apps and will help to entertain information regarding these apps from the host of apps and different sites. The “Live Capture” feature is available as part of limited trial version you need to unlock the full access feature in order to gain life time control.

Opera Max

Opera stands as one of the well known app developer as Opera Max is one of the profound name in the field of saving and managing mobile internet data. One of the top rated quality of the app is to keep the track record of the usage hand in hand saving data. Statistics shown with the timeline way of approach helps better to know more about the background apps causing big crisis for data saving. In order to manage things well you can just go through the App Management tab option in the app and you can turn off the background data usage for just particular app causing problem in data saving. As per the ratings and reviews of the customers, the app is top buy option over Playstore.


Watch Dog is one of the funky apps that helps to save the data with cool features as the app with help of animation and dog walking over the phone will help you to manage data well. There are two version of apps are available over the internet as free and paid, some of the top rated feature of the app includes accurate measure of the data as per the cycle you choose to keep an eye over the data usage. Quick Analysis of the background apps consuming data and Easy to Read information are the other top rated feature of the app.

Data Usage Monitor

If all you need is just simple Data monitoring app that takes control over the heavy internet usage apps, Data Usage monitor in such case is great choice as app contains no other eye catching feature but carry advancement in usage centric approach. You need to just set the right data limit for the usage and the red alert will be showcased each time you exceed the decided limit. You can simply keep the data usage of the apps using home screen of the app. Other top rated feature of the app includes per hour data usage and per app data consumption.

Traffic Monitor

In the available list as per the choice of the users across globe Traffic Monitor has been rated as the best available Traffic Monitor App that offers all data needs to be covered under same roof as it carries features as Speed Test, App Data Usage Monitor, Signal Quality and Network information setting. You can also check the information of data usage by home or by location with set widgets to get data usage report right away on your home screen.


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