Top 10 Most Expensive Watches In The World

There is no denial of the importance of watch still even in the modern age. It is often thought why to wear watch as there are many other gadgets and devices that tells the time too. But besides telling time, watches also have been considered as the icon of style and trend and for some people. For some people, it is also used as an ornament to show status.

The watches are available in different styles, colors, and displays which are termed as the complications, which also tell us about the date, altitude, time zone and also the moon phase. These watches are the fashion accessories yet the need of the hour too. The watches are available in any price ranging from 50 dollars to 10,000 dollars, there are the watches that match the taste and needs of every person.

So here is the list of the top 10 most expensive watches in the world.

  1. Piaget Emperador Temple: the Swiss watch from the luxury watch makers, Piaget is the one of the oldest companies of watch that was founded in the year of 1874 by George Piaget. The most expensive watch from this company is the Emperador Temple till now. The price of this watch is almost $3.3 Million. The reason for this price is that it is a two faced watch that are hidden under one another and is covered with the numerous pure diamonds. This watch unsurprisingly sold quickly after coming to the market.
  2. Patek Philippe, 1928 Single-Button Chronograph:next on our list is the one of the most beautiful and awesome watch that is made up of the 18K white gold cushion with vertically shaped button. This company has been the name in the world for producing high quality watch pieces since the time of its establishment. The watch has numerals made up of Breguet and is priced almost 3.6 million dollars in the world.
  3. Patek Philippe, 1939 Platinum World Time: another product from the leading manufacturer of watches, Patek Philippe is the Platinum World Time. This watch is famous because of its high end quality and it comes in the market in the beginning of the 20th The customers of this watch include the Queen Victoria, Pope Pius IX which has added to its popularity and some sort of its price. The watch includes almost 41 countries which are stamped on its rotating bezel. It is the platinum coated watch that is sold in the world for the price of 4 Million dollars.
  4. Louis Moinet, Meteoris:the watch from one of the quality production company in the world, Louis Moinet. The watch has been famous from the day to of its production and leading celebs are the customers of this watch including James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson and many others. The watch is composed of the fragments of Mars, Moon and asteroids that provides this watch a unique look and the expensive price. The price of this watch is considerably high which almost 4.6 million dollars is.
  5. Breguet & Fils, No.2667 Precision Stop-Watch: another expensive watch throughout the globe is the stop watch that is priced above 4.6 million dollars. The stop watch is the di movement stop watch which gives two movements on the platinum and gold plated piece. The clients includes for this watch like Queen Victoria, King George III and many others.
  6. Hublot Big Bang: like the one from the Piaget, Hublot Big Bang is the famous and extremely expensive piece which is priced almost 5 million dollars throughout the world. This watch is comprised of 1282 fitted diamonds weighing more than 3 carats. The customer of this watch is the famous singer, Beyonce Knowleswho bought the two pieces for her and for her husband.
  7. Patek Philippe, ‘Calibre 89’:with the price of almost 6 million dollars, Calibre 89’ stands on the rank number 4th on the list of the most expensive watches in the world. The watch includes the features of sunset, sunrise, thermometer and star-chart that are why it took more than 9 years of research to bring it the market.
  8. Patek Philippe, Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication Pocket Watch:another watch from the famous company, Patek Philippe on the list. This watch is the top 3rd most expensive watch in the world because it offers 24 functions including the moon phases, night sky of New York and sunrise and sunset indicators. It is priced with the 11 million dollars in the world.
  9. Chopard 201-Carat: the 2nd most beautiful and the most expensive watch in the world is the Chopard 201-Carat which is made up of the glitters, jewels and beads with the sparkle of 874 diamonds which vary in color and sizes. The price is yet reasonable with the construction and beauty of the watch which is almost 25 million dollars in the world.
  10. Breguet Grande Complication, Marie Antoinette:

    the most expensive watch in the world till date is the Breguet Grande Complication; Marie Antoinettewhich was completed in the span of almost 50 years. It contains all the functions that were offered in Breguet watches. It is available in the market with the extremely high price of almost 60 million dollars.


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