Top 10 MS-DOS Games You Can Still Play For Free

The DOS era has been long gone. Microsoft Disk Operating System is what MS-DOS stands for, and it was introduced back in 1981. Even in that command line based interface, people used to play games – this fact might seem to be unbelievable to the current generation, but that’s true. And to more surprise, there were some fantastic games back in that time. Though pixelated in comparison with today’s graphics, but the nostalgia is priceless.

Current OS platforms can’t run games from that time, but with an emulator like DOSBox can help running the x86 based programs and games on a newer computer system. Follow the hyperlink and according to their instructions, install DOSBox.

Here’s out top 10 compilation of DOS era games.


  1. Doom

Back in 1993 when Doom was released, computer hardware didn’t really work like they do today. Doom kind-of pushed a computer to its limits and provided a smooth output of moderately fast paced action – in the 1993 standard of course. Game consoles were introduced for Doom as well; wasn’t much common of an event back then.


  1. Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth had just enough number of power-ups to keep people glued to the screen, its intelligent AI and gameplay strategy made the game very popular. Also, the shareware license of this game was a major fact why Scorched Earth had been played so many times by so many people all over the world.


  1. Sid Meier’s Civilization

Being released back in 1991, it’s actually one of the very first DOS games to be popular. Objective in the vaguest form was to create a civilization and in 91’s standard, that was pretty big deal.


  1. X-Com: UFO Defense

Taste does vary, but according to the majority of computer users back in 90’s X-Com: UFO Defense is the best game of all time. UFO was a trending topic back then; the game kind of added to that hype and hence this popularity.


  1. SimCity

SimCity didn’t really come with any specific mission or object; people could just create a city and manage the operations and processes. No time limit was implied either, one could just play all day. SimCity legacy continued afterwards with newer versions in the early 2000’s.


  1. Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Role playing games aren’t really new, they had existed even in the 1990. The storyline was about protecting Britannia and also protecting it from outside invasion. This was the first Ultima game and the 256-color VGA representation was state of the art back then.


  1. Command & Conquer: Red Alert

What if, Albert Einstein had to time travel in past to eliminate Nazi command in World War II and accidentally which results into Germans demolishing the Soviet domination that was prevailing in Europe? Back in 1996, this was one of the most exciting game storyline ever and it’s the plot for Command & Conquer: Red Alert.


  1. Day of Tentacle

In Day of Tentacle, all the gamer has to do is to take over the roles of a teenage trio who would solve puzzles in the game which eventually prevents an evil tentacle to place its dominance in the world.


  1. Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

Players had the ability to explore in the game world full free, and also real-time combat was a specialty of Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss. It wasn’t flat and static like the MS-DOS games of back then, thus the hype was much higher.


  1. Blood

There were characters and storyline in this game, along with a great gameplay experience. Duke Nukem 3D was the game engine used to build the game thus all the graphical elements were catchy in the 97’s standards.



Many of these games don’t have a specific source, thus no links have been added. However, torrents might be able to help you in case official download sources aren’t available.


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