MTNL Broadband Tariff Plans & Reviews

MTNL is a government broadband service company present in Delhi and Mumbai. The Mahanagar Telecom Network Limited is known for customer oriented and quality broadband services. The MTNL can be termed as one of the most popular broadband services in these two cities and offer multiple packages and plans. It is true that the plans of the MTNL are quite diverse and of multiple purposes. The network is also quite stable and provides stable and wide ranges of services. Let us take a look at the plans and the reviews of the plans of MTNL to have a better look at it.

Most of the plans of MTNL are unlimited plans; however, there are usage plans as well. But the unlimited plans are more convenient and best for the use.

Unlimited Plans

There are dedicated plans for internet usage with variable download speed. There are two plans for 512 kbps download speed with unlimited data for the entire month. One is dedicated for the internet usage and another one is Combo plan that include free calls as well. However, there are restricted numbers of calls generally 100 and after that you have to pay for the call charges that are INR 1.10 per pulse. The speed is quite good and it provides the 512 kbps upload speed as well. The minimum payable amount after the month for the plan comes for 597 for the data and 629 for the combo.

MTNL has plans for 1 MBPS download speed as well one for data and another combo. The concept behind the broadband services but the facilities is a little bit more in this case. The combo plan gives you 200 free calls and the charge beyond free calls is INR 1.00 per pulse. The upload speed is same as the previous one of 512 kbps. The minimum payable amount after the month comes for 999 for data and 1049 for the combo plan.

There are three sets of unlimited plans more for MTNL one for data and another combo. The basic plan structure remains the same but differs with the speed and packages. The 768 kbps, 2 MBPS and 4 MPBS plans are the other plans. They have the download speed as per their plan names with upload speed as 512 kbps. However, the 768 kbps plans have equal upload speed. The free calls and the charges also differ according to the plans. The free calls are 100, 250 and 300 respectively for the plans and the charges after the usage is same for all INR 1.00 per pulse. The minimum payable amount for the plans is as follows. The charge for 768 kbps is 749 for data and 799 for the combo; for 2 MBPS it is 1899 for data and 1999 for combo and for 4 MBPS it is 3499 for data and 3699 for the combo.


You must have the MTNL landline connection to avail the service of MTNL broadband. It is one of the most popular and effective broadband services in India. If you are looking for cost effective service with good performance then it is the best option you have.


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