Top 10 Must Have Linux Apps & Software

If you were to mention any single operating platform that offers great work experience and user interference, Linux would triumph all of them. You can argue long about Windows and Mac, but none offer the customization and open source nature like Linux. And that’s why we ventured into the area of Linux for our today’s entry.

We here would be looking through the mirage of apps on offer in the Linux platform and foresee which seems the best option for navigating for a user. There’s many of them around, so we had to time our outing precisely to allocate the best ones from it.
We’ve enlisted the best picks from them in our ‘Top Must Have Linux Apps You Should Install’. Read along as we present our case.

Cloud Storage is making its mark in today’s time and DropBox stands as one of those sustainable apps for it. this one is easy to set up and offers excellent backup of data’s and files. It’s pretty much comfortable to use and has great leeway for safer could storage.

9)Sublime Text
Debunking the myth that only Linux programmers should use Sublime Text, you can try your hands with ease on this one. It’s great for writing scripts and doing the round-ups of programming.
Sublime Text is also a great text editor and offers great support.

One of the most suitable alternatives to Photoshop in Linux platform is GIMP. It offers the same level of features foresee editing and encompassing. It even extends the functioning with plugins that are free to download. GIMP is absolutely free to use and doesn’t require paid subscription as is the case with Adobe Creative Cloud.

With the prevalence of buying music on the decline these days, streaming music are the next gen options. With more emphasis on the streaming options available these days, we can get music on demand anywhere.
Tomahawk is one such streaming app where music resonates its true sense. It’s pretty clean and has loads of features.

Next up is the Tixati, a legitimate option for torrenting. But before moving on, let us emphasize that we’re aren’t promoting piracy. What we’re offering is an option for a legal torrent that offers a wide range of downloads with great features.
It has a priority feature, bandwidth sizing along with bandwidth graphs that offer really great user interference option.

5) Geary
If you’re looking for an email client app that offers loads of features and has a pleasing interference, look no further than Geary. It has a clean feel and marks itself as the ‘lowest common denominator’ email client.
It’s probably the best option for Linux users in the email niche.

4)VLC Media Player
Why VLC Media Player? Well because there’s no such media player that offers the same level of user interference and great outlet as VLC Media Player. It has been one of the top used the app on the Windows platform and does great on the Linux platform too.
It works aesthetically pleasing for all sorts of video and media streaming. You can even unleash many hidden features on it if you want to have a feel around it.

3)Synaptic Package Manager
If you ever wanted to feel a hang about the Linux platform, you can get yourself going with the Synaptic Package Manager. It’s great to use and offer a great package that starts with smart system upgrades, friendlier interference, and repairmen of broken packages.
It also alleviates unnecessary usage of disk spaces by deleting packages after installation.

2)Google Chrome
Well, the war of web browsers starts with this entry. There are many web browsers around that offer great leeway for usage, but Chrome trumps them all. In fact, for Linux platform, Google Chrome is a definitive must have.
It can be used for multiple workarounds and offers up-to-date flash support, the only web browser to do so. And for the Linux users, Netflix if best served on Google Chrome.

1)Tweak Tools
Linux generally doesn’t offer great flexibility when it comes to customization around desktop navigation. Although one can access the certain features like window themes, fonts for the system and more, the advanced settings lay hidden under the cosh.
Tweak Tools offers that leeway to neat your way through the advanced settings around the Linux. It is available on different platforms for different Linux foresee Unity Tweak Tools for Unity Desktops and Gnome Tweak Tools for Gnome Desktops.

Linux is a great platform to use and these aforementioned apps make it quite an irresistible option for anyone seeking great experience on it. Go through it and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed a nick. After all, nothing offers the customization and open source options like Linux does.

Share your views down below in the comment box and let us know about it. We’d love to hear your quips.


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